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Philippe Forquet, vicomte de Dorne (born September 27, 1940) is a French actor and the son of a wealthy aristocrat, Marcius Forquet, vicomte de Dorne.

Born in Paris, Forquet made his film debut in 1960 in La Menace while still an art student and over the next few years became popular in France. Highly regarded for his appearance he was expected to make a successful transition into American films, after appearing opposite Jean Seberg, In the French Style (1963). Filmed in France, the film told of an American student (Seberg) who falls in love with an aristocrat (Forquet) while visiting France. It proved popular with both European and American audiences and Forquet travelled to Hollywood to work for 20th Century Fox. He was touted as the handsomest new actor in Hollywood, a cross between Montgomery Clift and Louis Jourdan.

He co-starred with Sandra Dee in Take Her, She's Mine as her romantic interest, and while the film was popular, it did not lead to other projects. During this time Forquet became engaged to the American actress Sharon Tate, however the relationship ended because of career conflicts. He went to New York City where he studied drama at The Actor's Studio.

In 1969 he co starred in the film Camille 2000, which has become a cult classic still selling on the Internet today. It was a remake of the famous Alexander Dumas story, The Lady of the Camillas. He returned to France where he continued acting in television throughout the 1970s, also returning to the United States to film The Young Rebels in 1970-71.

Forquet was married to the American fashion model and actress Linda Morand, from 1970 until their divorce in 1976. He now lives in the town of Saint-Quentin, France where he took over his father's estate and the family business. He is remarried and has three children.

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