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Philippe Goddin (born May 27, 1944 in Brussels, Belgium[1]) is a leading expert and literary critic of The Adventures of Tintin,[2][3] and author of several books on Tintin and his creator, Hergé. He was general secretary of the Fondation Hergé from 1989 to 1999.[4]


He has written numerous books on the subject, which include Hergé and Tintin, Reporters. He produced a biography, Hergé: lignes de vie.[4][5]

His masterwork is the seven-volume (totalling 3000 pages) Hergé - Chronologie d'une oeuvre (Hergé - Chronology of his work), which Belgian magazine La Libre called "Magnificent. Monumental. Unique in its kind." ("Magnifique. Monumental. Unique en son genre.")[1]

His study of Tintin was published in English in 3 volumes as The Art of Hergé, Inventor of Tintin; Volume 1 was criticized by Publishers Weekly for being content to retell plots rather tha providing critical analysis.[6] It was also published in Dutch as De Kunst van Hergé, schepper van Kuifje; Belgian newspaper De Standaard reviewed volume 2, awarding it 4/5 stars.[7]

Other work[edit]

He also helped to keep the television series The Adventures of Tintin more true to the books.[citation needed]


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