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Philippe Jaroussky
Philippe Jaroussky - Misteria Paschalia 2011 (1).JPG
Philippe Jaroussky, 2011 Misteria Paschalia Festival, Kraków Philharmonic
Born (1978-02-13) 13 February 1978 (age 44)
Maisons-Laffitte, Île-de-France, France
OccupationSinger (countertenor)
Years active1999–present

Philippe Jaroussky (born 13 February 1978) is a French countertenor. He began his musical career with the violin, winning an award at the Versailles conservatory, and then took up the piano before turning to singing.

Unusually for a countertenor, Jaroussky performs entirely in falsetto register. He has said that his natural singing voice is in the baritone range.[1]

Early career[edit]

Jaroussky was born in Maisons-Laffitte.[2] His great-grandfather was a Russian émigré who fled from the Bolshevik Revolution.[3][4]

Jaroussky was inspired to sing by the Martinique-born countertenor Fabrice di Falco.[5] He received his diploma from the Early Music Faculty of the Conservatoire de Paris. Since 1996, he has studied singing with Nicole Fallien.[6] He cofounded the ensemble Artaserse in 2002,[7] and has also often performed with the Ensemble Matheus under Jean-Christophe Spinosi and with L'Arpeggiata under Christina Pluhar.

On 29 July 2016 he performed David Bowie's "Always Crashing in the Same Car" in the David Bowie Prom, a tribute to the late singer as part of the Proms at the Royal Albert Hall, London.[8]

In September 2017, as a part of the opening of La Seine Musicale, Jaroussky launched his education program, Académie musicale Philippe Jaroussky.[9][10]

Reception and awards[edit]

According to La Terrasse [fr], "this young singer with the tone of an angel and the virtuosity of the devil has come into the limelight in only a few years as the great new French vocal talent."[citation needed] He received the Révélation Artiste lyrique in the 2004 Victoires de la musique classique and was Artiste lyrique de l'année in the 2007 and 2010 edition.[11][12][13] Jaroussky was awarded "The Best Singer of the Year" at the Echo Klassik Awards, 2008 and 2016. He also received an Echo Klassik Award in 2012 for the Album Duetti, which he recorded together with Max Emanuel Cenčić. In 2020, he was awarded Victoire d'honneur in the Victoires de la musique classique.[14]

Jaroussky was named Chevalier of the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres in 2009 and was promoted to the rank of Officier in 2019.[15][16]

The asteroid 332183 Jaroussky was named after him.[17] On 13 November 2019, which marked the twentieth anniversary since his debut, a wax figure of him sculpted by Éric Saint-Chaffray was inaugurated at the Musée Grévin with his concert, where he also received the medal of the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres.[18]

In culture[edit]

Songs performed by Jaroussky were used in the film Turkish Seat (Russian: Турецкое седло, Turetskoye sedlo) by Uzbek-Russian film director Yusup Razykov, 2017.[19]

Personal life[edit]

In a 2011 interview, Jaroussky stated: "I don’t like to discuss my personal life. I feel in classical music, you don’t have to speak about that. I have many reasons."[20] He is openly gay and has been in a relationship with a "very supportive"[21] non-musician[22] since 2007.[23][24] His boyfriend sometimes travels with him.[25]



Year Album Credits Peak positions
BEL Wa[26] FRA[27]
2004 Un Concert pour Mazarin Philippe Jaroussky & Jean Tubéry 132
2005 Vivaldi: Virtuoso cantatas Philippe Jaroussky 128
2006 Vivaldi: Heroes Philippe Jaroussky & Jean Christophe Spinosi 26
2007 Carestini Philippe Jaroussky 30
2008 Nisi Dominus / Stabat Mater – Vivaldi Marie-Nicole Lemieux, Philippe Jaroussky,
Jean-Christophe Spinosi, Ensemble Matheus
82 11
Carestini – The Story of a Castrato Philippe Jaroussky & Emmanuelle Haim 87 92
2009 Opium – Mélodies françaises Philippe Jaroussky 46
JC Bach – La dolce fiamma Philippe Jaroussky 84 20
2010 Stabat Mater & Motets to Virgin Mary Philippe Jaroussky 167
Les stars du classique Philippe Jaroussky 155
Caldara in Vienna – Forgotten Castrato Arias Philippe Jaroussky 78 36
2011 Fauré: Requiem Philippe Jaroussky, Matthias Goerne, Paavo Järvi 74
Duetti Philippe Jaroussky 66
2012 La voix des rêves Philippe Jaroussky 36
La voix des rêves / The Voice Philippe Jaroussky 90 49
2013 Farinelli: Porpora Arias Philippe Jaroussky, Venice Baroque Orchestra, Andrea Marcon 106 10
Pergolesi: Stabat Mater, Laudate Pueri & Confitebor Philippe Jaroussky 74
2014 Pietà – Sacred Works for Alto Philippe Jaroussky 28
2016 Bach – Telemann: Sacred Cantatas Philippe Jaroussky & Freiburger Barockorchester 76 62
2017 La storia di Orfeo Philippe Jaroussky 88 123
Artaserse – The Händel Album Philippe Jaroussky 83 66
2019 Ombra mai fu – Francesco Cavalli Opera Arias Philippe Jaroussky 144 71
Passion Jaroussky! Philippe Jaroussky 80
2020 La Vanità Del Mondo Philippe Jaroussky
2021 À sa guitare Philippe Jaroussky and Thibaut Garcia 200

Operas and concert works[edit]

Solo recitals[edit]

  • Benedetto Ferrari: Musiche varie. Ensemble Artaserse. Ambroisie (rec. October/December 2002, Chapelle Jésus-Enfant – Paroisse Ste. Clothilde, Paris)
  • Beata Vergine, Motets à la Vierge entre Rome et Venise, Grandi, Legrenzi, Cavalli, Antonio Rigatti, Giovanni Paolo Caprioli, Frescobaldi, Sances, Ensemble Artaserse. Virgin Classics (rec. December 2005, Église Notre-Dame du Liban, Parigi, France)
  • Un concert pour Mazarin. Ensemble La Fenice, Jean Tubéry. Virgin Classics, 2004 (rec. June 2003, Abbaye de Saint-Michel, Thiérache, France)
  • Antonio Vivaldi: Virtuoso cantatas. Ensemble Artaserse. Virgin Veritas (rec. October 2004, Chapelle des sœurs auxiliaires, Versailles, France)
  • Vivaldi Heroes. Ensemble Matheus, Jean-Christophe Spinosi. Virgin Classics (rec. October 2006, Auditorium de l'Ecole Nationale de Musique, Brest, France)
  • Carestini, the story of a castrato. Le Concert d'Astrée, Emmanuelle Haïm. Virgin Classics, 2007
  • Opium – Mélodies françaises. Philippe Jaroussky, Jerôme Ducros. Virgin Classics, 2009 – songs by Debussy, Hahn, Fauré, César Franck, Massenet, Ernest Chausson, André Caplet, Saint-Saëns, Paul Dukas, Guillaume Lekeu, Cécile Chaminade, Gabriel Dupont, Vincent d'Indy
  • Johann Christian Bach. La dolce fiamma. Forgotten castrato arias. Le Cercle de l'Harmonie, dir. Jérémie Rhorer, Virgin Classics 2009. – awarded the Diapason d'Or de l'Année 2010 in France
  • Caldara in Vienna (Forgotten Castrato Arias). Philippe Jaroussky / Concerto Köln, Emmanuelle Haïm, Virgin Classics, 2010.
  • La voix des rêves (CD), Capitol Music/EMI Music France, 2012


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