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Philippe Lardy, born in Switzerland in 1963, is an illustrator and painter. He attends the School of Visual Arts in the late 80's in New York. He co-publishes "GIN & COMIX" with Jose Ortega, inspired by RAW magazine, bringing together an international showcase of artists. He draws for numerous prominent American periodicals, publishers and corporations. Among his clients are The New York Times, Time magazine, Rolling Stone, The New Yorker, Levi's, Bluenote Records and Disney. Lardy moves to Paris in 2000 and begins to give greater emphasis to his painting while remaining an active American illustrator.

His art tends to be stylized and graphic with flat colors. Textures are worked in layers that can resemble frescos. Subjects are symbolic and explore the dreamlike nature of archetypes. His style makes references both to Asian art and contemporary artists such as Clemente and Sol LeWitt. He is the co-founder of le Crayon, the French illustration society. He produces editorial illustrations and gallery art, both of which have been widely exhibited. Lardy has been honored with awards such as American Illustration, Communication Arts, the Society of Illustrators, PRINT magazine or GRAPHIS.

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