Philippe Tatartcheff

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Philippe Tatartcheff
Born Geneva, Switzerland
Origin Ontario, Canada
Occupation(s) Poet, songwriter

Philippe Tatartcheff (born in Geneva, Switzerland) is a Canadian poet and songwriter. He is best known as the lyricist who wrote French language songs recorded by folk duo Kate & Anna McGarrigle.[1]:229–238

Origins and early life[edit]

Tatartcheff's family was originally from the Swiss Cantons of Geneva, Vaud, Neuchatel and Fribourg.[citation needed] After moving to Montreal in the early 1950s, they eventually settled in Timmins, Ontario, where his father, Dr. Michael Tatartcheff, was a physician and surgeon, and the town doctor.[1]:229 His grandfather, Dr. Assen Tatartcheff, was a member of the Macedonian Liberation Front IMRE.[citation needed]

Tatartcheff attended a French collège classique in Timmins, then McGill University before leaving for Paris in early 1969, to study for a master's in French literature[1]:229–230 at the Sorbonne, where he presented a thesis on the subject of Jules Vallès.[2] While at McGill, he met Anna McGarrigle, who was studying at Beaux-Arts at the time (1964-1968).[1]:212,229–230


In 1974, after Tatartcheff's return to Montreal, Anna McGarrigle asked him to help her write a song, which became "Complainte pour Ste. Catherine", featured on the sisters' debut album, Kate & Anna McGarrigle[1]:233–234 As McGarrigle recalled many years later:

In late spring of 1973, [...] I wrote a song in French on the accordion about Henri Richard, the Montreal Canadiens's beloved captain, with Richard Baker, a young musician from BC. [...] The idea was to release it in time for the 1974 hockey playoffs, but we needed another French song for the B-side and I asked Philippe, now back in Montreal, to help me write something. The song we banged out was "Complainte pour Ste. Catherine." It took us all of twenty minutes. [...] Most people who heard "Complainte pour Ste. Catherine" liked it, and when Kate and I were signed to Warner Brothers a while later, our producer, Joe Boyd, wanted us to re-record it.

—Anna McGarrigle, Mountain City Girls by Anna & Jane McGarrigle.[1]:233–234

Tatartcheff would go on to contribute a total of twenty-four songs recorded by the McGarrigle sisters, most of them in French.

At some stage, he also became a farmer in Dunham, Quebec, according to the sleeve notes of the album The McGarrigle Hour.[2]

List of songs[edit]

with Anna McGarrigle
  • 1976 – "Complainte pour Ste. Catherine"[3][4]
  • 1977 – "Naufragée du Tendre"[5]
  • 1980 – "Mais quand tu danses"[6]
  • 1980 – "Excursion à Venise"[6]
  • 1980 – "Avant la guerre"[6]
  • 1980 – "À boire"[6]
  • 1990 – "Rainbow Ride"[7]
  • 1996 – "Arbre"[8]
  • 1998 – "Forever and the Same"[9]
with Kate McGarrigle
  • 1978 – "Side of Fries"[10]
  • 1980 – "Entre Lajeunesse et la sagesse"[6]
  • 1980 – "Cheminant à la ville"[6]
with both Kate and Anna McGarrigle
  • 1978 – "Prends ton manteau" (a.k.a. "Pronto Monto")[10]
  • 1979 – "La valse du maître draveur", performed by the Mountain City Four (Written by Wade Hemsworth & translated into French by Philippe Tatartcheff)[11]
  • 1996 – "Hang Out Your Heart"[8]
  • 2003 – "Petite annonce amoureuse"[12]
  • 2003 – "Ah tournesol"[12]
  • 2003 – "Hurle le vent"[12]
  • 2003 – "La Vache qui pleure"[12]
  • 2003 – "Rose blanche"[12]
  • 2003 – "Tant le monde"[12]
  • 2003 – "Ce matin"[12]
  • 2003 – "Dans le silence"[12]
solo (recorded by Kate and Anna McGarrigle)
  • 1990 – "DJ Serenade"[7]
  •  ???? – "Country Bar, Northern Star"[1]:229
  •  ???? – "Sans coeur et sans béquille"[1]:237


Tatartcheff has also uploaded some videos:[13]

  • "Approaching Montreal" (2011)[14]
  • "Cows in Snow" (2008)[15]
  • "Dogs in Snow" (2008)[16]
  • "Frelighsburg morning" (2008)[17]


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