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Philippe Thibaut
OccupationGame designer, video game designer, video game producer
Years active1993—present
Known forEuropa Universalis, Pax Romana, Great Invasions

Philippe Thibaut is a French designer and producer of several popular grand strategy video games, most notably Europa Universalis, the AGEod collection including Birth of America, AGEOD's American Civil War, Pax Romana, Great Invasions, and World War I: lla Grande Guerre '14-'18.

He was the original designer of Europa Universalis as a board game that was published in 1993 by Azure Wish, before leading the adaptation of the hit game for PC in 2000 in collaboration with Target Games that became Paradox Development Studio, and then co-founding AGEod in 2005, that he subsequently merged with Paradox Interactive in December 2009. Working as independent game designer since 2012.

Board games[edit]

Philippe Thibaut is the game designer of the boardgame Europa Universalis in 1993 (with later expansions). He also designed the boardgame la Grande Guerre '14-'18in 1995. Both of the above were published by AWE.

Other designs are still unpublished to date.

Video games[edit]

The games developed, co-developed and/or produced by Philippe Thibaut:[1]

Game Release
Europa Universalis 2000
Europa Universalis II 2001
Pax Romana 2003
Great Invasions: The Darkages 350-1066 AD 2006
Birth of America 2006
AGEOD's American Civil War 2007
Napoleon's Campaigns 2007
Birth of America II: Wars in America 1750-1815 2008
World War I 2008
Rise of Prussia 2010
Revolution Under Siege 2010
Pride of Nations 2011
Alea Jacta Est (video game) 2012
American Civil War II 2013
End All Wars 2014
Wars of Napoleon 2015


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