Philippine Airlines Flight 137

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Philippine Airlines Flight 137
Philippine Airlines Airbus A320-214 RPC322I.jpg
A Philippine Airlines Airbus A320-214
DateMarch 22, 1998 (1998-03-22)
SummaryRunway overrun caused by pilot error
SiteBacolod City Domestic Airport
10°39′01″N 122°56′11″E / 10.65028°N 122.93639°E / 10.65028; 122.93639Coordinates: 10°39′01″N 122°56′11″E / 10.65028°N 122.93639°E / 10.65028; 122.93639
Total fatalities3
Total injuries69
Aircraft typeAirbus A320-214
OperatorPhilippine Airlines
IATA flight No.PR137
ICAO flight No.PAL137
Call signPHILIPPINE 137
Flight originNinoy Aquino International Airport
DestinationBacolod City Domestic Airport
Ground casualties
Ground fatalities3[1]
Ground injuries25[2]

Philippine Airlines Flight 137 was a scheduled passenger flight from Manila's Ninoy Aquino International Airport to Bacolod City Domestic Airport.


On March 22, 1998, flight 137 overshot the runway while landing at Bacolod City Domestic Airport. There were no fatalities among the aircraft's crew and passengers, but three people died on the ground as the airliner plowed through a residential area.[1]

The aircraft, an Airbus A320-214, tail number RP-C3222, was destroyed. It had been in service for barely three months prior to the accident.[3][4]

A selection by the pilot of the wrong mode on the onboard flight computers prevented power from being reduced to idle, which inhibited thrust reverse and spoilers from being used. The offending engine was shut down, and brakes applied, but the aircraft was unable to stop before the end of the runway.[2]

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  • TAM Airlines Flight 3054 – Another A320 that crashed nine years later under almost identical circumstances, with 199 fatalities.


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