Philippine Amateur Radio Association

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Philippine Amateur Radio Association
PARA logo.png
Abbreviation PARA
Formation 1932[1]
Type non-profit organization
Headquarters 4th Floor, NTC Bldg., BIR Road, East Triangle, Diliman, Quezon City
Region served
Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao
Official language
Chief Operating Officer
Roberto Jose C. Vicencio, DU1VHY
Affiliations International Amateur Radio Union

The Philippine Amateur Radio Association (PARA) is a national non-profit organization for amateur radio enthusiasts in the Philippines. Key membership benefits of PARA include the sponsorship of amateur radio operating awards and radio contests, and a QSL bureau for those members who regularly communicate with amateur radio operators in other countries. PARA represents the interests of Filipino Amateur Radio Operators/Enthusiasts before the national and international telecommunications regulatory authorities.[1] PARA is the national member society representing the Philippines in the International Amateur Radio Union.[2]

PARA is the recognized national umbrella association for the amateur radio service in the Philippines. The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) - the country's telecommunications regulatory authority - issued Memorandum Circular No. 05-06-85 which says:

"In compliance to Ministry Circular No. 82-077, dated 20 October 1982, the Philippine Amateur Radio Association (PARA) as governed by the new PARA By Laws registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission, dated 08 May 1985, is hereby recognized by the National Telecommunications Commission as the national amateur radio organization. As such, PARA shall represent the Philippines Amateurs in all conferences, either local or international and with the end in view of fostering cordial relationship and efficient coordination between radio amateurs and the government.

To hasten the normal operation of the organization and the accreditation of other amateur radio clubs as required under NTC Memorandum Circular No. 01-01-84, dated 12 January 1984, every district and local clubs shall affiliate with PARA without unnecessary delay".[3]

The recognition of PARA as the national association for the amateur radio service in the Philippines is emphasized anew NTC Memorandum Circular No. 03-08-2012, particularly Section VIII (2) which states that "The Philippine Amateur Radio Association (PARA) is the only recognized national society of amateurs."

Organizational Structure

PARA elects a five-member Executive Board every three (3) years. The Board elect from among themselves the Chief Operating Officer, Vice Chief Operating Officer, Chief Finance Officer, and Secretary General. The fifth member of the Board sits as an ordinary Board Member.

The PARA Executive Board for the term 2017 to 2019 are:

  1. Chief Operating Officer – ROBERTO JOSE C. VICENCIO, DU1VHY
  2. Vice Chief Operating Officer – SULPICIO HENRY M. LEGASPI, JR., 4F9DOC
  3. Secretary General – ALEX C. LAGUISMA, DU3AL
  4. Chief Finance Officer – ROBERT REYES, DU8BTZ
  5. Director – THELMA C. PASCUA, DU1IVT

PARA also elects its District Managers to supervise affiliate clubs in the different call areas. The election is done simultaneous with the Executive Board. For 2017 to 2019 the following are the PARA District Managers:

  1. District 1 – LAWRENCE M. ATANACIO, DV1SVY
  2. District 2 – JAIME A. KHO, DU2JAK
  4. District 4 – ISIDRO L. TAPAR, DU4SLT
  5. District 5 – JERICK M. SILVA, 4F5JMS
  6. District 6 – NED G. CADENA, DU6NE
  7. District 7 – SALVADOR J. LAMOSTE, DU7AL
  8. District 8 – LOPE O. CONGCARDAS, DU8CBU
  9. District 9 – ERIC JOSE S. RUDINAS, 4F9AM


As the national association for amateur radio, PARA has for its members the different amateur clubs in the Philippines. Under existing NTC regulations, an amateur club can be accredited by the NTC if such club is an affiliate club of PARA.

The following is a list of affiliate clubs which have an article in the English-language Wikipedia.



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