Philippine National Book Awards

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The Philippine National Book Awards, or simply the National Book Awards, is a Philippine literary award sponsored by the National Book Development Board (NBDB)[1] and the Manila Critics' Circle (MCC). It is the national book award of the Philippines. From 1982 to 2008, the yearly awards were granted by the Manila Critics' Circle. In 2008, the administration of the award was transferred to the NBDB. The award is also distinguished as a major and secular Philippine literary award that is not a manuscript contest. The award categories include:

Literary Division

  • Best Novel in a Philippine Language (Juan C. Laya Award)
  • Best Novel in a Foreign Language (Juan C. Laya Award)
  • Best in Literary Criticism / Literary History
  • Best in Nonfiction Prose
  • Best in Graphic Literature
  • Best in Poetry

Non-Literary Division

  • Best in the Professions Category
  • Best in the Social Sciences Category
  • Best in the Art Category
  • Best in the Design Category


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