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The Philippine Schools Debate Championship (PSDC) is an annual English-language debate tournament for high school-level teams from the Philippines. It is hosted by Ateneo de Manila University's Ateneo Debate Society (ADS) and its debates are conducted in the British Parliamentary Style. From its inception in 2002, it has become one of the two most prestigious Philippine national competitions for high school debaters, the other being the National Asians High School Debate Championship (NAsHDC) hosted by De La Salle University-Manila's La Salle Debate Society.

The Philippine Daily Inquirer became the primary sponsor of the tournament in 2003, at which point it was called the Inquirer-2bU! Interscholastic Debating Championship (IISDC). Recently the Inquirer ended its long-standing agreement with the ADS and the name reverted to PSDC in 2007. It is also regularly sponsored by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation.

Tournament format[edit]

PSDC Debates are held in the British Parliamentary Style. The tournament uses the Swiss system for deciding matchups between competing teams in the preliminary rounds. The 32 highest scoring teams then advance (or "break") to the finals series, where the first and second placed teams in each round advance to the next highest levels of competition. A team cap (or limit on the number of breaking teams from one institution) of FIVE teams is imposed.

In 2004 a regional championship for the PSDC was introduced, to give teams from outside Metro Manila more representation at the higher levels of competition. As these teams began to show in the regular break, this championship was discontinued.

An extemporaneous public speaking competition is also held alongside the debate rounds. This competition has its own preliminary, semifinal, and final rounds.

In 2008, a secondary tournament for the PSDC was introduced. Teams eligible for this final were those from institutions that never had a team in the final round of the PSDC. The round is a battle of the top four eligible teams. The final has been christened the Ana Alano Cup, in memory of the Ateneo Debater who had died defending her father in a hit against him for attempting to expose a hospital corruption scandal.

Speakers from teams who have broken in the tournament are considered eligible to try out for a slot in the Philippine team to the World Schools Debating Championships.

There was no PSDC 2015 due to the academic calendar shift that occurred within the Ateneo De Manila University.

Past champions[edit]

Year Champions Team Members Grand Finalists Ana Alano Cup Champions Team Members
2002 Ateneo de Manila High School Marco Villacorta Michael Biscocho Ateneo De Manila High School (Leloy Claudio and Glenn Tuazon), Assumption College (Faith Serrano and Grace Serrano), Immaculate Conception Academy (Charisse Borromeo and Kristel Tiu)
2003 Philippine Science High School - Diliman Campus Anna Santos Juanchi Pablo Ateneo De Manila High School (Miko Biscocho and Adrian Mundin), Miriam College (Liz Dias and Bea Lacson), Immaculate Conception Academy (Charisse Borromeo and Larissa Co)
2004 Ateneo de Manila High School Michael Biscocho Adrian Mundin Immaculate Conception Academy (Jennifer Ong and Krisha Borromeo), University of Santo Tomas (Richard Beltran and Jaime Pring), University of Santo Tomas (Joanna Mutiangpili and Rhea)
2005 Immaculate Conception Academy Jennifer Ong Krisha Borromeo Ateneo De Manila High School (James Soriano and Carlo Felizardo), Miriam College (Gica Mangahas and Anna Arcellana), Miriam College (Carla Sia and Jasmine Cruz)
2006 Miriam College High School Angelica Mangahas Carla Sia Xavier School (Peterson Poon/Patrick Cocabo), Immaculate Conception Academy (Ces Gotamco/Peidi Lee), Claret School Of Quezon City (Alistair Zosa,Gemmo Fernandez)
2007 Xavier School Evan Chen Peterson Poon Ateneo De Manila High School (James Soriano/Hansky Santos), Xavier School (Gabriel (Gavin) Kho/Kenneth Reyes), Miriam College High School (Valeri Inting/Pia Ranada)
2008 Colegio San Agustin-Makati Joshua Lim Allan Cabrera Ateneo De Manila High School (Jovin Pizarro/Ben Bismark), PAREF Woodrose School (Mica Reyes/Nikki Cone), PAREF Woodrose School (Tabby Abela/Pat Austria) La Salle Green Hills Brian Llamanzares Daryl Isla
2009 Ateneo de Manila High School Henry Fernando Bas Claudio Immaculate Conception Academy (Jeanina Tee/Tiffany Uy), PAREF Southridge School (Justin Jabines/Marty Gonzaga), Ateneo De Zamboanga High School (Sanjeev Parmanand/Abbo Hernandez) Silliman University Julius Ragay Jay Anderson
2010 Ateneo de Manila High School Jovin Pizarro Bas Claudio Immaculate Conception Academy (Tiffany Uy/Joan Ongchoco), PAREF Southridge School (Lance Katigbak/Pempen Chiang), Immaculate Conception Academy (Mary Or/Andrea Cuartero) San Beda College Alabang Katherine Peralta Adolfo Jose Montesa
2011 Immaculate Conception Academy Joan Ongchoco Denise Recomono PAREF Southridge School (JV Valerio/Raffy Tanpho), Ateneo De Zamboanga University (Sanjeev Parmanand/Abbo Hernandez), Xavier School (Donald Felbaum/Nico Flaminano) PAREF Springdale School Miko Alazas Ralph Gonzales
2012 Xavier School Donald Felbaum Raynard Lao Ateneo de Manila High School (Vitto Pavia/Kiko Santos), Miriam College High School (Amaris Pulido/Alex Agcaoili), Xavier School (Marc Matsubara/David Gozali) La Salle Green Hills Andrew Escay Patrick Kahn
2013 Immaculate Conception Academy Vanessa Siy Van Katrina Chan San Beda College Alabang High School (Carlos Peñas/Kyle Atega), Ateneo de Manila High School (Jim Bulan/Miguel Ventura), PAREF Woodrose School (Jazmin Jabines/Cathy Cano) St. Scholastica's College Manila Nicole Tomas Marty Ysaac
2014 Immaculate Conception Academy Abigail Yu Clarice Tee Ateneo De Manila High School (Rafa Lapira/France Santos), Ateneo De Manila High School (Adrian Padilla/Renz Reyes), Miriam College High School (Annika Bautista/Alex Agcaoili) Mandaue City Science High School Ejay Co Jeremiah Valero
2016 Xavier School Matthew Araneta Ignacio Villareal Ateneo de Manila High School (Renz Reyes/Luigi Alcañeses), Xavier School (Jacob Wee/Alfonso Tan III), Xavier School (Jaime Siy/ Steven Sy) Assumption College Lexi Lagamon Stefi Alabastro
2017 Xavier School Ignacio Villareal Jacob Wee Xavier School (Steven Sy/Jaime Siy), International School Manila (Abhishek Kottamasu/Abhinav Bathula), Ateneo de Manila Senior High School (Mikko Vitug/Nicole Masagca) University of San Jose–Recoletos Soccoro Ogan Kristoffer Francis Milan

Past best speakers in debate and public speaking[edit]

Year Best Speaker (Preliminary Debate Rounds) Best Speaker (Debate Finals) Best Speaker (Public Speaking)
2002 Charisse Borromeo (Immaculate Conception Academy)
2003 Charisse Borromeo (Immaculate Conception Academy) Victor Tence (Southville International School)
2004 Michael Biscocho (Ateneo de Manila High School)
2005 Angelica Mangahas (Miriam College High School) Anna Arcellana (Miriam College High School)
2006 Angelica Mangahas (Miriam College High School) and Peterson Poon (Xavier School) Carla Sia (Miriam College High School) Genica Endaluz (St. Theresa's College[disambiguation needed])
2007 Peterson Poon (Xavier School) Peterson Poon (Xavier School) Nicole Gaba (PAREF Woodrose School)
2008 Phillip Poon (Xavier School) Allan Cabrera (Colegio San Agustin-Makati) Mark Escay (La Salle Green Hills)
2009 Bas Claudio (Ateneo de Manila High School) Henry Fernando (Ateneo de Manila High School) Dwight Garvy Tan (Ateneo de Naga University)
2010 Tiffany Uy (Immaculate Conception Academy) Tiffany Uy (Immaculate Conception Academy) Mikey Onglao (PAREF Southridge School)
2011 Andrei Buendia (San Beda College Alabang) Joan Ongchoco (Immaculate Conception Academy) Raynard Lao (Xavier School)
2012 Miguel Ventura (Ateneo de Manila High School) Donald Felbaum (Xavier School) Kitkat Cuenca (PAREF Woodrose)
2013 Vanessa Siy Van and Abigail Yu (Immaculate Conception Academy) Vanessa Siy Van (Immaculate Conception Academy)
2014 Abigail Yu (Immaculate Conception Academy) Abigail Yu (Immaculate Conception Academy)
2016 Matthew Araneta (Xavier School) Jacob Wee (Xavier School)
2017 Ignacio Villareal (Xavier School) Ignacio Villareal (Xavier School)