Philippine Senate elections, 1919

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Philippine Senate election, 1919
1916 ←
June 3, 1919 → 1922

21 (of the 22) seats in the Philippine Senate
  Majority party Minority party
Leader Manuel L. Quezon Vicente Singson Encarnacion
Party Nacionalista Progresista
Leader's seat 5th District 1st District
Last election 20 seats 1 seats
Seats won 21 1
Seat change +1 0


Election results; each district sent in two seats to the Senate.

Senate President before election

Manuel L. Quezon

Elected Senate President

Manuel L. Quezon

Senatorial elections happened on June 3, 1919 in the Philippines under the Jones Law provisions. There were 717,295 registered voters, of whom 672,122, or 92 percent, voted.


Philippine Senate Results[edit]

District Senator Party
1st District   Vicente Singson Encarnación Progresista
  Santiago Fonacier Nacionalista
2nd District   Bernabe de Guzmán Nacionalista
  Pedro Maria Sison Nacionalista
3rd District   Ceferino de León Nacionalista
  Teodoro Sandiko Nacionalista
4th District   Pedro Guevara Nacionalista
  Rafael Palma Nacionalista
5th District   Antero Soriano Nacionalista
  Manuel L. Quezon Nacionalista
6th District   Mario Guarina Nacionalista
  Vicente de Vera Nacionalista
7th District   José Altavas Nacionalista
  José Ma. Arroyo Nacionalista
8th District   Espiridion Guanco Nacionalista
  Hermenegildo Villanueva Nacionalista
9th District   Esteban Singson Nacionalista
  José Ma. Veloso Nacionalista
10th District   Mario Guarina Nacionalista
  Leoncio Imperial Nacionalista
11th District   José A. Clarin Nacionalista
  Francisco Soriano Nacionalista
12th District   Teofisto Guingona, Sr. Nacionalista
  Lope K. Santos Nacionalista

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