Philippine Veterans Affairs Office

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Philippine Veterans Affairs Office
Tanggapan para sa Kapakanan ng mga Beteranong Pilipino
Established: September 24, 1972
Administrator: Ernesto Carolina

The Philippine Veterans Affairs Office (PVAO) (Filipino: Tanggapan para sa Kapakanan ng mga Beteranong Pilipino) is the agency of the Philippine government under the Department of National Defense thru which a grateful nation pays its debt of gratitude to her defenders – the Filipino Veterans. PVAO serves to fulfill a national commitment as embodied in Section 7, Article XVI of the 1987 Philippine Constitution:

“The State shall provide immediate and adequate care, benefits and other forms of assistance to war veterans and veterans of military campaigns, their surviving spouses and orphans. Funds shall be provided therefor and due consideration shall be given them in the disposition of agricultural lands of the public domain and, in appropriate cases, in the utilization of natural resources.”

Its core functions are as follows:

a. Administration of veteran’s pension and benefits program • Ensure timely and steady provision of pension, including the settlement of unpaid pension obligations (or arrears), provide healthcare (thru VMMC and accredited hospitals nationwide) and extend non-pension benefits such as burial and educational assistance; • Continuously recognize the military service of deserving veterans by supporting the operations of the Military Service Board.

b. Memorialization of veterans’ heroic deeds • Contributes in sustaining peace and the rule of law by preserving and promoting military shrines that memorializes the heroic deeds of our veterans and constantly remind us that the freedom we enjoy today is not free and has been paid for by the lives and sacrifices of our veterans; • Cultivates historical development and awareness by supporting researches, documentations and publication of untold stories of past military campaigns and battlefield victories and widening citizens’ participation during commemoration activities; • Intensifies advocacy to propagate public appreciation of the veterans’ heroic deeds, thereby fostering unity and providing inspiration by developing a sense of national pride especially amongst the Filipino youth as future defenders of the country.

c. Policy and Management Services for Veterans’ Affairs and Welfare • Promotes and uphold the veterans’ interest to ensure that they enjoy the proceeds and benefits derived from government assets/resources entrusted to the veterans through the Veterans Federation of the Philippines (VFP) pursuant to Republic Act No. 2640, as amended. • Endeavors to foster harmony amongst the various veteran organizations by encouraging and leading them to unite under the VFP and utilize their collective effort and years of experience in order to undertake greater roles in nation-building such as advancing veterans interest through sectoral representation in Congress, full implementation of VFP’s Constitution and By-Laws and active participation in community development, charity, medical missions and relief works.

PVAO manages pension and non-pension benefits to veterans and their dependents, pursuant to existing laws. Among the regular pensions managed by PVAO are the following:

A. Pension Benefits • Old Age Pension for veterans and surviving spouses of deceased veterans • Death Indemnity for surviving spouses, minor children or parents of deceased veterans, • Disability Pension for veterans with service-connected disability, sickness or injury and their qualified dependents.

B. Non-Pension Benefits • Educational Benefit • Burial Assistance • Veterans Preference

C. Hospitalization & Healthcare Benefits • VMMC Services (Outpatient & In-patient Services) • Veterans Hospitalization Program

Veterans Memorial Medical Center[edit]

Formerly known as the Veterans Memorial Medical Center, the Veterans Memorial Medical Center provides hospitalization, medical care and treatment to veterans and their dependents and to a limited number of civilian and Philhealth patients.

Military Shrines Service[edit]

The former Military Shrines Service (MSS) which is responsible for the administration, maintenance and development of national shrines of military and historic significance, has been renamed as Veterans Memorial and Historical Division (VMHD) and is now a division under PVAO. From six national shrines, it now administers a total of ten military shrines, namely:

  1. Balantang Memorial Cemetery National Shrine
  2. Ricarte National Shrine
  3. Capas National Shrine
  4. Mount Samat National Shrine
  5. Bantayog Sa Kiangan
  6. Libingan ng mga Bayani
  7. USAFIP-NL National Shrine & Park
  8. PEFTOK-Korean War Memorial Hall
  9. Corregidor National Shrine (under lease by the Department of Tourism)
  10. Balete Pass National Shrine

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