1975 Philippine executive and legislative powers referendum

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A national referendum was called for February 27–28, 1975 where the majority of the barangays voted approved the following:

  • The use by the President of his power to restructure the local governments in Greater Manila into an integrated system like a manager- commission for under such terms and conditions as he may decide,
  • The appointment by the President of the successors of local elective officials (outside the Greater Manila) whose terms of office expired on Dec. 31, 1975, and
  • The manner the President has been exercising his powers under Martial Law and the Constitution and that the President should continue exercising the same powers.
  • Referendum allowing Martial law to continue, not to convene the Interim National Assembly and extend the terms of local officials by appointment, and suspend elections, pursuant to Presidential Decrees Nos. 1366, 1366-A and 1366-B.

Referendum results[edit]

Summary of the 27–28 February 1975 Philippine referendum results
Ratification %
YES 87.75
NO 12.25
Total 100.00
Source:Philippine Commission on Elections.

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