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Presidential, legislative and local elections were held on November 11, 1941 in the Philippines. Incumbent President Manuel Luis Quezon won an unprecedented second partial term as President of the Philippines via a landslide. His running mate, Vice President Sergio Osmeña also won via landslide. The elected officials however, did not serve their terms from 1942 to 1945 due to World War II. In 1943, a Japanese-sponsored Republic was established and appointed José P. Laurel as president. From 1943 to 1945, the Philippines have two presidents. Quezon died in 1944 due to tuberculosis and was replaced by Sergio Osmeña.



e • d Summary of the November 11, 1941 Philippine presidential election results
Candidates Parties Votes %
Manuel L. Quezon Nacionalista Party (Nationalist Party) 1,340,320 81.78%
Juan Sumulong Popular Front 298,608 18.22%
Hilario Moncado Modernist Party
Total 1,638,928 100%

Vice President[edit]

e • d Summary of the November 11, 1941 Philippine vice presidential election results
Candidate Party Results
Votes %
Sergio Osmeña Nacionalista 1,445,897 92.10%
Emilio Javier Popular Front 124,035 7.90%
Totals 1,569,932 100.00%


e • d Summary of the November 11, 1941 Senatorial election results
Candidate a b Party Tenure c
Alauya Alonto2 Nacionalista Served
Antonio de las Alas Nacionalista Served
Melecio Arranz Nacionalista Served
Nicolas Buendia Nacionalista Served
Mariano Jesús Cuenco Nacionalista Served
Ramon J. Fernandez Nacionalista Served
Carlos P. Garcia Nacionalista Served
Pedro C. Hernaez Nacionalista Served
Domingo Imperial Nacionalista Served
Vicente Madrigal Nacionalista Arrested
Daniel Maramba Nacionalista Died
Rafael Fernandez Nacionalista Served 1
José Ozámiz Nacionalista Executed
Quintin Paredes Nacionalista Arrested
Elpidio Quirino Nacionalista Served
Vicente Rama Nacionalista Served
Esteban de la Rama Nacionalista Served
Claro M. Recto Nacionalista Arrested
Eulogio A. Rodriguez, Sr. Nacionalista Arrested
Manuel Roxas Nacionalista Served
Prospero E. Sebastian Nacionalista Arrested
Emiliano Tria Tirona Nacionalista Arrested
Ramon Torres Nacionalista Served
José Yulo Nacionalista Arrested
Note: Tally of votes were destroyed during World War II. Source: Philippine Senate
^a The following were detained because of collaboration charges with the Japanese: Antonio de las Alas, Vicente Madrigal, Quintin Paredes, Claro M. Recto, Eulogio Rodriguez, Proceso E. Sebastian, Emiliano Tria Tirona, José Yulo.
^b Daniel Maramba died and Jose Ozamis was executed during the war.
^c The senators elected in 1941 served only from July 5, 1945 to April 23, 1946 except for Alauya Alonto, Esteban de la Rama, Pedro C. Hernaez, Vicente Madrigal, Vicente Rama, Eulogio A. Rodriguez, Sr., Proceso E. Sebastian and Emiliano Tria Tirona who served until May 22, 1947
^1 Replaced Norberto Romuáldez who died on the eve of the elections.
^2 Alauya Alonto used his Muslim Name "Sa Ramain" during the elections.

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