Philippine one peso note

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One peso
Value 1 peso
Width 160 mm
Height 66 mm
Security features Security fibers, Watermark, Security thread
Paper type 90% cotton
10% linen
Years of printing 1918-1973
PHP1 Pilipino series bill.jpg
Design José Rizal
Design date 1969
P1 Pilipino series (Reverse).jpg
Design Declaration of Philippine independence
Design date 1969

The Philippine one-peso note (₱1) was a denomination of Philippine currency. On its final release, José Rizal was featured on the front side of the bill, while the Declaration of the Philippine Independence was featured on the reverse side.

This banknote was circulated until the Central Bank stopped printing this currency in 1973. It was replaced by coins upon the introduction of the Ang Bagong Lipunan series.

Pre-independence history[edit]

Post-independence history[edit]

  • 1951: English series, Features the portrait of Apolinario Mabini, a political philosopher and revolutionary who wrote a constitutional plan for the first Philippine republic of 1899-1901, and served as its first prime minister in 1899. The reverse features the Barasoain Church, where the drafting of the Malolos Constitution and the inauguration of the First Philippine republic took place. The design elements of this bill will be later adopted for the ten peso bill upon the launch of the Pilipino series notes in 1969.
  • 1969: Pilipino series, José Rizal replaced the portrait of Mabini. The note is now predominantly blue in color. On the reverse, it now features the Declaration of the Philippine Independence.
  • 1973: The one peso bill was not included when the Ang Bagong Lipunan series was introduced. The banknote was later demonetized together with the English Series and the other Pilipino Series banknotes on February 28, 1974, pursuant to Presidential Decree No. 378.[1]


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