Philippine ten centavo coin

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Ten centavos
Value 0.10 Philippine peso
Mass 2.5 g
Diameter 17.00 mm
Edge Milled
Composition Copper-plated steel
Years of minting 1880-
Design Denomination, country name in Tagalog and year
Design Logo of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas

The ten-centavos coin is the third-lowest denomination coin of the Philippine peso. It is the oldest denomination under 1 peso to remain in the country's circulation, having been introduced in 1880 during the Spanish rule of the islands.

The first coin worth one tenth of a peso was the 10 centimo coin of 1880-1885. It featured on its obverse King Alfonso XII of Spain with the inscription ALFONSO XII POR LA G(RACIA) DE DIOS (Alfonso XII, by the Grace of God) and the year of minting. The reverse featured the coat of arms of Castille and Kingdom of León. Around it was the inscription REY DE ESPANA (King of Spain) and the denomination as 10 Cs. de Po. (10 centimos of peso).[1]