Philippine twenty-five centavo coin

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Twenty-five centavos
Value 0.25 Philippine peso
Mass 3.8 g
Diameter 20.00 mm
Edge Plain
Composition brass-plated steel
Years of minting 1958-
Design Country name in Tagalog, denomination, date
Design date 1995
Design Logo of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
Design date 1995

The twenty-five centavos coin is the fourth-highest and fourth-lowest denomination coin of the Philippine peso.

No coins worth a quarter of a peso were issued during Spanish or American rule of the Philippines, despite both nations having a coin worth a quarter of their own currency. The first coin of the independent Philippines to be worth a quarter of a peso was issued in 1958 as twenty-five centavos (the name for the sub-unit under American rule). Its obverse featured a woman near a volcano. The denomination was written in English around its outside with the year at the bottom. On the reverse was the coat of arms of the Philippines and around it the inscription CENTRAL BANK OF THE PHILIPPINES. The last issue of the coin was in 1966.[1]