Philippine two peso note

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Two pesos
Value 2 pesos
Width 160 mm
Height 66 mm
Security features Security fibers, Watermark, Concealed value, Security thread
Paper type 90% cotton
10% linen
Years of printing 1903-1983
P2 Ang Bagong Lipunan series (Obverse).jpg
Design José Rizal
Design date 1973
Php 2 ABL (reverse).jpg
Design Declaration of Philippine independence
Design date 1973

The Philippine two-peso note (Filipino: Dalawang Piso) (₱2) was a denomination of Philippine currency. On its final release, José Rizal was featured on the front side of the bill, while the Declaration of the Philippine Independence was featured on the reverse side.

This banknote was circulated until it was demonetized in 1993. Its printing was ceased in 1985, when it was replaced by coins upon the introduction of the New Design series.

Pre-independence history[edit]

  • 1903: Philippine Islands issued silver certificates. Features a portrait of José Rizal.
  • 1916: PNB issued notes. Features a portrait of José Rizal.
  • 1937: Philippine Commonwealth issued treasury certificate. Features a portrait of José Rizal. This series were later overprinted with the word "VICTORY" on the reverse after the liberation of the Philippines under Japanese rule in 1944.

Post-independence history[edit]

  • 1951: English series, Features the portrait of José Rizal, the national hero of the Philippines. The reverse features the landing of Ferdinand Magellan in the Philippines in 1521.
  • 1973: The denomination was not included upon the introduction of the Pilipino series bills. It was later introduced in the Ang Bagong Lipunan series. The banknote adopts the design elements from the demonetized one peso bill; Rizal's profile is featured on the obverse, and on the reverse, it featured the Declaration of the Philippine Independence. The note is predominantly blue in color.
  • 1985: The two peso bill was not included when the New Design series was introduced and was later replaced by coins two years before. The banknote was officially demonetized, together with the other Ang Bagong Lipunan series banknotes on February 2, 1993.

Commemorative issues[edit]

Throughout its existence, the two peso bill has been overprinted to commemorate certain events: