Philippines–Turkey relations

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Philippines–Turkey relations
Map indicating locations of Philippines and Turkey



The Philippines–Turkey relations refers to the bilateral relations of the Philippines and Turkey.


Formal diplomatic relations between the two countries were established on June 13, 1949 on a nonresidence basis with the signing of a Treaty of Friendship.[1] Turkey established its resident embassy in Manila in 1990 with Erhan Yigitbasioglu as the first resident ambassador. The Philippines established its resident embassy in Ankara in October 1991 with Bonifacio Arribas as the first resident ambassador. Turkey also established an honorary consulate in Cebu in 1992.[2][3]

Diplomatic visits[edit]

Then-Philippine President Fidel V. Ramos made a state visit to Turkey in February 1995. Then-Turkish President Süleyman Demirel also made a state visit to the Philippines in February 1999.[2] Then-Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo also made a state visit to Turkey in September 2009.[4] Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu travelled to Manila for an official visit in November 2014 to discuss with the peace process with Bangsamoro and threats posed by the Islamic State with President Benigno Aquino III.[5][4][6]

Economic relations[edit]

Turkish flour trade to the Philippines[edit]

Allegations were raised in 2013 that Turkish flour exporters has been dumping Turkish flour to the Philippines against World Trade Organization policy. Turkish flour was reported to be exported to the Philippines from Turkey at a lower price compared to Philippine local flour.[7][8]

Philippine Association of Flour Millers (PAFMIL) has petitioned the Philippine Department of Agriculture to raise tariff on Turkish flour from 7 percent to 20 percent. The proposal was opposed by the Filipino-Chinese Bakery Association, who claimed that small bakeries won't cope up with increase operational cost. PAFMIL claims that during the November 2012 period, Turkish flour was sold in the Philippines for $348 per metric ton against a domestic price of $470 per MT.[9]

Turkish flour exporters, Turkish Flour, Yeast and Ingredients rejected the dumping claims and said that it will fight for it rights.[10]

Security relations[edit]

The Philippines has no extradition treaty with Turkey.[11][12] Turkish companies were involved in the upgrading six armored personnel carriers of the Philippine Army. Turkey is supportive to the resolution of the Islamic Insurgency in the Philippines.[4]

Filipinos in Turkey[edit]

As of 2013, There are about 5,000 Filipinos in Turkey mostly working as fishermen and domestic helpers. According to a US study. Filipinos among Russians and Africans are one of the fastest growing minorities in Turkey due to the country's improving economic performance.[13]


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