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Philippines at the
World Games
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The Philippines has participated at the World Games since its inception in 1981. It has won at least a medal in every edition of the World Games except the 1981 and 2005 editions. The first gold medal won for the nation was by cue sports player Carlo Biado who won the men's nine-ball singles event in the 2017 World Games.

Medal count[edit]

Japan Akita 20010101
Colombia Cali 20130011
Germany Duisburg 20050000
Chinese Taipei Kaohsiung 20090011
Germany Karlsruhe 19890202
Netherlands L'Aia 19930011
Finland Lahti 19970011
United Kingdom Londra 19850213
United States Santa Clara 19810000
Poland Wroclaw 20171001
Totals (10 games)15511

Medals by sport[edit]

Cue sports1102
Totals (3 sports)15511


The first medals won by competitors for the Philippines at the World Games was obtained in the 1985 edition in Londra, United Kingdom. The medals consists of two silvers won by taekwondo athletes Arnold Baradi and Mike Ventossa and a bronze by ten-pin bowlers Olivia and Rene Reyes competing in the mixed doubles events. The Philippines has consistently won at least one medal in every edition except the 1981 and 2005 editions.

It was only in the 2017 edition in Wroclaw, Poland, did the Philippines won its first gold medal. The medal was won by cue sports player, Carlo Biado in the men's single nine-ball event.[1]

Medal Name Games Sport Event
 Gold Carlo Biado Wroclaw 2017 Cue sports Nine-ball – men's singles
 Silver Marlon Manalo Akita 2001 Cue sports Men's snooker
 Silver Arianne Cerdeña Karlsruhe 1989 Tenpin bowling Women's singles
 Silver Arianne Cerdeña
Jorge Fernandez
Karlsruhe 1989 Tenpin bowling Mixed doubles
 Silver Arnold Baradi Londra 1985 Taekwondo Men's finweight
 Silver Mike Ventossa Londra 1985 Taekwondo Men's flyweight
 Bronze Dennis Orcollo Cali 2013 Tenpin bowling Men's singles
 Bronze Liza Del Rosario Kaohsiung 2009 Tenpin bowling Women's singles
 Bronze Rafael Nepomuceno Lahti 1997 Tenpin bowling Men's singles
 Bronze Rafael Nepomuceno Hague 1993 Tenpin bowling Men's singles
 Bronze Olivia Reyes
Rene Reyes
Londra 1985 Tenpin bowling Mixed doubles

Source:World Games[2]


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