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The Philips Intimate Massager is a range of electric personal massagers (otherwise known as a vibrator) intended for external use on the body curves by couples in intimate relationships. The products are made by Philips and were first introduced to the UK market during 2008.

The product range consists of three non-penetrative stimulators that are inspired by the body contours that glide smoothly against the skin. Their powerful motors are quiet and stimulate different pleasure points at varying intensities. The massagers are waterproof, and some models are also water tight for bath tub use. They are used wirelessly after fully recharging using a supplied charging base that uses the same magnetic recharging technology which is widely used by modern power toothbrushes.

The product range[edit]

  • The Warm Intimate Massager model can be pre-warmed to body temperature in 5 minutes with the included charging base and have three quiet vibrating motors positioned to stimulate the erogenous zones with a quiet purr.
  • The Dual Intimate Massager model is specially designed to fit snugly in hands and matches the contours of the male and female bodies.
  • The Warm Intimate Massager with Candlelights model is similar to the Warm Intimate Massager but comes with a set of LED rechargeable candles.

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