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Phillips Brooks House Association (PBHA) is the largest student organization at Harvard College, with more than 70 programs and 1,200 student volunteers. It is an independent student-run, staff supported public service and social justice organization providing a variety of services to the Greater Boston community. Each year, 20 elected student officers and the organization's Cabinet, made of the student directors of the many service programs, guide policy decisions and work with communities to provide services.

PBHA programs effect change through service and activism in partnership with local communities. Founded in 1904, it has been at the heart of the progressive Harvard culture and student development for over a century. PBHA is its own non-profit, but also works closely with Harvard and the larger Phillip Brooks House department, which was founded in the 2000s.

PBHA includes Y2Y, the nation's first youth homeless shelter, which was opened in 2015. It was the launching ground for the Living Wage campaign at Harvard, is home to the movement to divest from fossil fuels, and in the 1960s was the central meeting ground for civil rights activists. PBHA's Summer Urban Program, a summer camp designed to fight summer learning in low-income Boston and Cambridge communities, was recognized by Michelle Obama. Other programs, such as the Alzheimer's Buddies program or the Strong Women Strong Girls mentoring program, have spread nation-wide and now have branches at many other universities.

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Termtime Programs[edit]

  • Aiming for Higher Emerson Academic Development (AHEAD)
  • Alternative Spring Breaks (ASB)
  • Athena Program
  • Best Buddies
  • Boston Refugee Youth Enrichment Program (BRYE)
  • BRYE Extension
  • BRYE 1-2-1
  • BRYE Teen
  • BRYE Tutoring
  • CASP
  • Chinatown Committee
  • Chinatown Afterschool
  • Chinatown Big Sib
  • Chinatown Citizenship
  • Chinatown ESL
  • Chinatown Teen
  • Committee on Deaf Awareness (CODA)
  • Committee on the Blind (COB)
  • David Walker Scholars (DWS)
  • Dearborn Afterschool Program
  • Elderly Affairs Committee
  • Harvard Environmental Action Committee
  • Environmental Education (EnviroEd)
  • ExperiMentors
  • Franklin Afterschool Enrichment (FASE)
  • Franklin Teen Mentoring
  • Harvard Youth Leadership Initiative (HYLI)
  • Habitat for Humanity,
  • Harvard and Radcliffe Musical Outreach to Neighborhood Youth (HARMONY)
  • Harvard Emergency Medical Services Program (HEMS)
  • Harvard Emerging Literacy Project (HELP)
  • Harvard Undergraduate Legal Committee (HULC)
  • Harvard Progressive Advocacy Group (HPAG)
  • Harvard Square Homeless Shelter
  • Housing Opportunities Program (HOP)
  • Kids with Special Needs Achievement Program (KSNAP)
  • Keylatch Afterschool Program
  • Keylatch Mentor
  • Mather School Tutoring (MST)
  • Mission Hill Committee
  • Mission Hill After-School Program (MHASP)
  • Mission Mentor (formerly Project Umoja)
  • Partners for Empowering Neighborhoods (PEN)
  • Pets as Therapy
  • Prison Education Program
  • Houston House
  • Suffolk County House of Correction
  • Youth Prison Tutoring Programs
  • Progressive Student Labor Movement (PSLM)
  • Project Literacy
  • Refugee Youth Term Enrichment (RYTE)
  • S.A.B.E.S.
  • Small Claims Advisory Service (SCAS)
  • South Boston Outreach Big Sibling
  • Student Theater Advancing Growth and Empowerment (STAGE)
  • Strong Women, Strong Girls
  • Student Labor Action Movement (SLAM)
  • Wilderness 1-2-1
  • Youth Recreation Program
  • Y2Y Harvard Square

Summer Programs[edit]

Summer Urban Program (SUP)[edit]

The Summer Urban Program consists of 9 camps in Boston and 3 in Cambridge:

  • Boston Refugee Youth Enrichment (BRYE)
  • Cambridge Youth Enrichment Program (CYEP)
  • Chinatown Adventure (CHAD)
  • Franklin I-O Summer Program
  • Keylatch Summer Program
  • Mission Hill Summer Program (MHSP)
  • Native American Youth Enrichment Program (NAYEP)
  • Roxbury Youth Initiative (RYI)
  • South Boston Outreach (SBOS)
  • Refugee Youth Summer Enrichment (RYSE)

Other Summer Programs[edit]

  • Chinatown Citizenship
  • Chinatown ESL
  • HARMONY Summer
  • Harvard Undergraduate Legal Committee (HULC)
  • House Opportunities Program (HOP)
  • Small Claims Advisory Service (SCAS)
  • St. James Summer Shelter
  • Summer Science