Phillips Foods, Inc. and Seafood Restaurants

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Phillips Foods, Inc. and Seafood Restaurants
Industry Restaurant
Genre Seafood
Founded Hooper's Island (1916 (1916))

Phillips Foods, Inc. and Seafood Restaurants is a family owned and operated seafood company in the mid-Atlantic region, United States. Phillips Foods, Inc., seafood manufacturers as well as restaurateurs, specializes in crab meat and crab cakes, and produces a line of fish and shrimp products. The company is headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland. Phillips Seafood Restaurants have casual dining, buffet service and carryout.


In 1914, Augustus E. Phillips established the company's first seafood processing plant on Hooper's Island in Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay. The A.E. Phillips packing plant processed seafood from many of the watermen in the region. In 1956, after a surplus season of crabs, son Brice Phillips and wife Shirley opened the first “crab shack” in Ocean City, Maryland. Brice and Shirley began building a new dining room each year at Phillips Crab House until it finally seated 1400 people.

Phillips Seafood Restaurants currently has 5 company-owned restaurants along the eastern coast of the United States, as well as a network of franchise locations in airports, travel plazas, casinos and sporting arenas.

Crab manufacturing[edit]

Phillips is a leading global manufacturer of crab meat, and employs over 2,000 people worldwide. The company's crab processing facilities are found in the United States and Southeast Asia. Ten plants are located worldwide. In 1990, Phillips opened crab processing facilities in Southeast Asia to ensure a year-round supply of swimming crab meat for their restaurants. Phillips Foods has global sales offices in Baltimore, MD and Bangkok, Thailand. While most of the seafood production goes to the United States, the company has a growing market in Asia, Europe, and Australia [1]


Known primarily for their crab cakes, the company has an array of other products available to the retail and foodservice markets, including crab meat, appetizers, fish, seafood cakes, soups, entrées, spices and sauces. Although the company's reputation was built on its origins as a producer of Maryland blue crab, it now markets primarily crab from Southeast Asia.[2]

Awards and honors[edit]

Phillips has been recognized by regional publications, industry journals, and local and national business associations. These recognitions include:

  • Restaurant Business Magazine, October 2015 - Top 100 Independent Restaurants, Phillips Seafood ranked 97th nationwide
  • Seafood Choice Alliance, March 2011 - Seafood Champion Award
  • 2011 International Boston Seafood Show - Seafood Excellence Awards, finalist, Best New Products competition
  • Restaurant Association of Maryland, 2010 - Cornerstone of the Industry Award


Phillips has defined a Corporate Responsibility Initiative that focuses on Environmental Issues and Resource Management, Social Responsibility, and Economic Development.[3] Phillips works together with partners throughout the world to invest in the people and infrastructure of welcoming countries. The company established a Division of Aquaculture and Sustainability to make sure their purchasing decisions are good for the environment and are not jeopardizing future supplies.[4] Also, the company helped create the Indonesian Crab Producers Association which teaches fishermen sustainable methods. They are a founding member of National Fisheries Institute’s Economic Integrity Platform.

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