Philologus of Sinope

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Patrobulus, Hermas, Linus, Caius, Philologus of 70 disciples (Menologion of Basil II)

Philologus of Sinope (also Philologos) is numbered among the Seventy Disciples, and is commemorated with them on January 4. He is also commemorated on November 5 together with Ss. Patrobas, Hermas, Linus, and Gaius.

The Apostle Andrew consecrated St. Philologos (Romans 16:15) as bishop of Sinope, a city in the region of the Black Sea.

He was the father of heretic and founder of Marcionism Marcion of Sinope.[1]


Troparion (Tone 3) [1]

Holy apostle Philologus of the Seventy;
Entreat the merciful;
To grant our souls forgiveness of transgressions.

Kontakion (Tone 4) [2]

The Church ever sees you as a shining star, O apostle Philologus,
Your miracles have manifested great enlightenment.
Therefore we cry out to Christ:
"Save those who with faith honor Your apostle, O Most Merciful One."


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