Philosophy (album)

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Studio album by Coldcut
Released 1993
Genre Electronica, soul, trip hop
Label Arista
Ninja Tune
Producer Coldcut, Paul Rabiger
Coldcut chronology
Some Like It Cold

Philosophy is an album by the British dance music duo Coldcut released in 1993. Vocals on this album are by Janis Alexander.[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Philosophy"
  2. "Chocolate Box"
  3. "Pearls Before Swine"
  4. "What We're Living For"
  5. "Leaving Home"
  6. "Dreamer" (Crazy Swing Mix)
  7. "Peace & Love"
  8. "Kinda Natural"
  9. "Autumn Leaves" (Irresistible Force Full Chill)
  10. "Autumn Leaves" (Acapella)
  11. "Eine Kleine Hed Musik"
  12. "Sign"
  13. "Angel Heart"


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