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The Philosophy of Time Society is an organization which grew out of a National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Seminar on the Philosophy of Time offered by George N. Schlesinger in 1991.[1] The organization itself was formed in 1993.[1] Its stated goal is "to promote the study of the philosophy of time from a broad analytic perspective, and to provide a forum as an affiliated group with the American Philosophical Association, to discuss the issues in and related to the philosophy of time."[1]

The Philosophy of Time Society's meetings are held at the meetings of the American Philosophical Association. In the past, they have included many notable scholars such as Hud Hudson,[2] Robin Le Poidevin,[3] Ned Markosian,[3] Hugh Mellor,[3] John Perry,[3] Theodore Sider,[4] Michael Tooley,[3] Dean Zimmerman.[4] Topics of papers have varied widely.[3]


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