Philotheus of Pskov

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For other people named Philotheus, see Philotheus (disambiguation).

Philotheus (or Filofei) (Russian: Филофей) (1465–1542) was a hegumen of the Yelizarov Monastery, near Pskov, in the 16th century. He is credited with authorship of the Legend of the White Cowl and the Third Rome prophecy, details of which are very scarce. He is popularly known as the presumed author of the concept of Moscow as the Third Rome, which sets out the thesis in his letters.

In reality, these letters are devoted to other issues and not talking about Moscow or Russia Muscovy.

His essays "On the Grievances of the Church" to Ivan the Terrible, refuted by scientists, as it contains elements of controversy with the first epistle. Philotheus tied the "Third Rome" to protection of property rights of the church.

In August 2009, it was reported that archaeologists had discovered a Pskov grave, allegedly belonging to Philotheus.[1]