Philyra (EP)

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EP by the Mountain Goats
Released 1994 (1994)
Genre Lo-fi
Length 7:49
Label Theme Park Records

Philyra is a 7" record by the Mountain Goats on the Theme Park Records label. The back cover of the sleeve features a lengthy quotation from Horace: Montium, custos nemorumque, Virgo, quae laborantes utero puellas ter vocata audis adimisque leto, dive triformis, imminens villae tua pinus esto, quam per exactos ego laetus annos verris obliquum meditantis ictum sanguine donem. --Horace Carmina III:XXII[1] The songs on this EP were reissued as part of the Protein Source of the Future...Now! compilation.

Track listing[edit]

Side one:

  1. Third Snow Song - 1:45
  2. The Monkey Song - 2:00
  3. Love Cuts The Strings - 2:22
  4. Pure Honey - 1:44


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