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Phinius Gage
Ade and Mike of Phinius Gage.jpg
Ade and Mike of Phinius Gage
Background information
Origin Brighton, United Kingdom
Genres Punk rock, skate Punk, melodic hardcore
Years active 2001–2008, 2015-
Labels Disconnect Disconnect Records, Small Town Records, Fond Of Life, Deck Cheese
Associated acts Lay It On The Line (Band), 4ft Fingers, Consumed, Spunge
Members Ade Holder
Mike Scott
Karlos Brown
Matt Steele

Phinius Gage were an established and influential UK underground skate punk/melodic hardcore band who started up in 2002 and were active until 2008. They reformed in 2015 and played a reunion tour.[1].

Disconnect Disconnect Records released "Battered & Bruised: The Best of Phinius Gage" in October 2017.[2]


The band is named after Phineas Gage, an 1840s railway foreman, who had a large iron rod driven through his head and thereby lost part of his brain.

They played over 500 shows in their existence, touring with many bands including Streetlight Manifesto, Spunge, Whitmore, Flood Of Red, Reuben, RedLightsFlash, Ten Foot Pole, Farse, and 4Ft Fingers. They released debut mini LP More Haste More Speed in 2003 on Deck Cheese Records - and their first full length, The Feeling Somethings Wrong on the same label in 2005.

Signing to Fond of Life Records in Germany, the band released a compilation of old and new tracks in 2006 entitled Brighton Rock, which included the band's only single, Brighton Rock, the video for which received airplay on MTV2 and Scuzz.[3] The band then released their final album in 2007, Seek Out Your Foes, which is generally considered the band's best work. It made Kerrang's 'Best Albums Of 2007' list. However, the band split suddenly soon after.

Members have gone on to form many other bands, including Lay It On The Line. Mike Scott has also had a solo career.

The Band have recently announced a reunion tour across some major cities in the UK. At this stage it is not known if this will lead to a new album and more touring.

Musical style and influence[edit]

Phinius Gage plays fast, melodic hardcore music in the style of Pennywise, Strung Out, Consumed, Rise Against, and other bands of the SoCal description from record labels including Fat Wreck Chords and Epitaph.[citation needed]


Phinius Gage (group photo).jpg

Previous members 2002–2006[edit]

  • Damo St George - vocals
  • Martyn Haigh - bass
  • Andy Bligh - guitar
  • Ben Ince - guitar
  • Paul Fields - guitar
  • Gary Yay - bass
  • Jamie Kirkpatrick - bass
  • Edward Higgs - bass
  • Chas Mataz - guitar
  • Kalem Buckham - drums
  • Keith Whitby - bass


Year Album Label
2003 More Haste More Speed (mini-album) Deck Cheese
2005 The Feeling Something's Wrong Deck Cheese
2006 (Europe)
2007 (UK)
Brighton Rock Fond of Life/Winged Skull (Europe)
Fond of Life/Plastic Head (UK)
2007 Seek Out Your Foes... And Make Them Sorry Fond of Life (Europe)
Small Town Records (UK)


  • Amped Up And Ready To Go (In At The Deep End Records, UK)
  • Value Slices (Deck Cheese, UK)
  • Cheese Supreme (free promo CD with Big Cheese Magazine, UK)
  • Punktastic Unscene (Punktastic Recordings, UK)
  • Punktastic Unscene 3 (Punktastic Recordings, UK)
  • Ashcan Records 1 (Ashcan Records, Luxembourg)
  • Change The Station II (White Russian Records, Netherlands)
  • In Defense of Rock 2 (Fond of Life/Winged Skull, Germany)
  • Quintisentially British (UK)
  • Brighton Rocks (UK)


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