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Founded October 1983 (1983-10)[1]
Founder Yoshihiro Hirata, Ayako Doue
Headquarters Kyoto, Japan
Key people
Yoshihiro Hirata (president)[1]
Products Apparel, athletic tape, supports and braces, lotions and gels, necklaces and bracelets, hair-care products, health food, and other wellness-related products
Total equity ¥30,000,000 (as of May 2009)[1]
Subsidiaries Affiliates in USA, Korea, China, Germany, and the UK[1]

Phiten is a Japanese company producing apparel, athletic tape, supports and braces, lotions and gels, necklaces and bracelets, health food, and other wellness-related products. Phiten also produces hair-care products under its beauty division, Yuko. All Phiten products are incorporated with one or more "Aqua Metals".[1] The name "Phi-Ten" is derived from the Greek letter "Phi" Φ, and the exponent 10. The "Phi" Φ is used as a symbol to represent the golden ratio in the natural world while "Ten" (10) used as an exponentiation base signifies the infinite possibilities at both the micro and macro level.[2]

Some Major League Baseball players wear the company's nylon-coated necklaces, although it is not known whether it is for the perceived physiological benefits, because of superstition, or a combination of both.[3] However, there is no medical or scientific evidence supporting any physiological effect of Phiten’s products,[4][5] and for many they are seen as mere superstition and ritual.[6]

Company background[edit]

The company was founded in October 1983[1] by Yoshihiro Hirata in Japan with its corporate headquarters in Kyoto. In 2008, Phiten acquired a license for the NBA and in 2011, Phiten acquired a license for the NHL.[7]

Phiten operates over 100 retail store locations across Japan. As of 2009 the company has affiliates in the USA, Korea, China, Germany, and the UK.[1] Phiten has sold over 1 billion Titanium Power Tape Discs worldwide.[citation needed]

Product information[edit]

Through a proprietary manufacturing process, metals, such as titanium, gold and silver are turned into "Aqua Metals" such as Aqua Titanium, Aqua Gold and Aqua Silver which are then incorporated into Phiten products. Aqua metals are created through a proprietary process that breaks down metals into microscopic particles dispersed in water, creating a hydro-colloidal metal. Every Phiten product features this technology.

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