Phnom Krom

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Phnom Krom
Phnom Krom3.png
View of Phnom Krom at dawn
Highest point
Elevation140 m (460 ft)
Coordinates13°17′09″N 103°48′44″E / 13.28573°N 103.81218°E / 13.28573; 103.81218Coordinates: 13°17′09″N 103°48′44″E / 13.28573°N 103.81218°E / 13.28573; 103.81218[1]
Phnom Krom is located in Cambodia
Phnom Krom
Phnom Krom
Location of Phnom Krom in Cambodia
LocationSiem Reap Province, Cambodia
Mountain typeSandstone
Easiest routeDrive, then hike

Phnom Krom (Khmer: ភ្នំក្រោម) is a 140 m high hill close to Siem Reap city, Cambodia. There is a temple on the top which derived its name from the hill, Prasat Phnom Krom (Khmer: ប្រាសាទភ្នំក្រោម).


Phnom Krom is about 12 kilometers southwest of Siem Reap town.

Phnom Krom hill is very rocky; local legend has it that the rocks were exposed by the monkey general Hanuman during a hunt for medicine in the Ramayana epic. The area beyond the temple’s west gate affords views of the Tonle Sap lake.

Phnom Krom railway[edit]

Phnom Krom was at the southern end of the Phnom Krom railway, a narrow-gauge French colonial railway that was most likely constructed to take stone from the now-defunct quarries on Phnom Krom to Siem Reap.


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