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Phnom Penh Cable Television
Cable TV
Founder Phnom Penh Municipal Cable Television (PPCTV)
Headquarters Phnom Penh, Kampot Province and Sihanoukville

Phnom Penh Cable Television, also known as PPCTV, is a direct-to-home cable TV and subscription service included MMDS TV, Fiber Optic and Internet Service, established by Phnom Penh Municipal Cable Television (PPCTV). It is one of the major cable TV services in Cambodia with the largest number of viewers, especially in Phnom Penh. PPCTV is also the first to offer true 1080P HD experiences via the Digital TV service. Some of the HD channels include Fox Movie Premium HD, AXN HD, SOne HD, National Geographic Channel HD, History HD, Starworld HD, KBS World HD, etc. TV viewers would be able to watch super clear full HD resolution on modern televisions that support 1080P high definition.


PPCTV commenced distributing its services on cable with just only 36 channels in 1995, then expanding to 48 channels continued to 52 channels and finally 66 channels. PPCTV currently provide a full series of advance clear international channels ranging from kids, education to movies and entertainment.[1]

The Cable TV of PPCTV provided a first cable TV ever in Cambodia and fostered a relationship with TVB from Hong Kong and Mediacorp from Singapore.

Channel List[edit]

PPCTV retreat various title of channel included its own service.

PPCTV Own Channel Services[edit]

  • Channel 6 ( 24 hours Entertainment and Korean Drama Channel)
  • Drama 9 (The highest rate channel of PPCTV)
  • Drama 10 (Foreign Material art drama channel)
  • Movie 11
  • NIC (Sport Channel)

Foreign Channel[edit]


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