Phobia (band)

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Origin Orange County, California
Los Angeles, California
Genres Grindcore, crust punk
Years active 1990-Present
Labels Willowtip Records
Relapse Records
Slap-a-Ham Records
Moshpit Tragedy Records
Associated acts krigblåst
Kill The Client
Uphill Battle
Murder Construct
Website Official Website
Members Shane Mclachlan
Bryan Fajardo
Calum Mackenzie
Past members Leon del Muerte
Shawn Bryan
John Haddad
Matt Mills
Luis Perez
Marco Soriano
Bruce Reeves
Danny Walker
Steve Burda
Raymond Banda

Phobia is a Grindcore band from Orange County, California.[1] The band was formed in 1990 and is heavily influenced by crust punk and grindcore. Their lyrical content focuses mainly on socio-political issues and Anarchy.[2]


The band was formed in 1990 by founding members Shane McLachlan, Bruce Reeves (Mange), (Destroyed In Seconds), Zach Southall, and Marco Soriano, recording the "What Went Wrong?" demo soon after they formed.

The band followed up with the All That Remains 7" E.P., released on Relapse Records. In 1994 Phobia released the Return to Desolation CD/E.P. and went on a small west coast tour with well-known hardcore punk bands, such as Capitalist Casualties. In 1997 Slap-a-Ham Records released the Enslaved 7" E.P. and went on yet another west coast tour.

Phobia's first full length record entitled Means of Existence was released by Slap a Ham in 1998 as they embarked on a full U.S. tour.

In 1999 the band recorded a split with the Japanese band Corrupted on Rhetoric Records as well as the CD/E.P. "Destroying the Masses". 1999 also brought the band's first European tour, going on for a lengthy two months, playing countries like Belgium, Germany, Austria, Scotland and the Netherlands.

In 2001 the band toured with Anarchus in Mexico.

After returning from Mexico, the band released their "Serenity Through Pain" CD/E.P. on Deathvomit Records.

Yet again, the band toured the U.S. with then-labelmates Circle of Dead Children on the Grind Your Fucking Head In tour. September 2001 brought another west coast tour with melodic death metal band, Darkest Hour.

2002 brought another tour to support their Serenity Through Pain and also re-issue of Return to Desolation. The band toured the west coast yet again with Pungent Stench, returned to Europe in May 2003, and released the Grind Your Fucking Head In CD.

2005 sees the departure of founding member Bruce Reeves and is replaced by Leon Delmuerte on Bass.

In 2006, the group released the album Cruel, which was Danny Walker's first album with the band.[3] The album was produced by Scott Hull of Pig Destroyer.[4]

22 Random Acts of Violence. was released October 22 on Willowtip Records. Leon del Muerte left the band prior to the album's release in order to concentrate on his Murder Construct project. Ross Sewage of Impaled temporarily replaced him for a tour they did following the release of "22 random acts of violence" dubbed the "War on Everything tour". The tour featured bands that were exclusively signed to Willowtip and was composed of Impaled, Phobia, Malignancy (band), Kill the client, Maruta, and Illogicist.

The band later parted ways permanently with Danny Walker, and replaced him with longtime Phobia touring drummer Bryan Fajardo (also of Gridlink, Kill the client, and Noisear). Their new and permanent bass player slot is now occupied by Calum Mackenzie. This line-up was featured on their most recent tour with Municipal waste and others.



  • Shane MacLachlan - Vocals (live), Guitar/Bass/Vocals (studio)
  • Steve Burda - Guitar (live), Guitar/Bass (studio)
  • Brian Fajardo - Drums (Noisear, Kill The Client, Gridlink,
  • Cece Grind - (So Unloved - Guitar (live 2010-)
  • Calum M. - Bass

Former Members:

  • Marco Soriano - Drums
  • Phil Martinez (Dystopia) - Drums
  • Raymond Herrera (Fear Factory) - Drums (in studio on "Return to Desolation")
  • Dino Somesse (Dystopia) - Drums
  • Freeway Migliore (Immortal Fate, Abscess) - Drums
  • John Haddad - Drums
  • Matt Mills (Argento Agenda, Grown Ass Men) - Drums
  • Raymond Banda - Drums
  • Bryan Fajardo - Drums


  • "What Went Wrong"(Self Produced Demo, 1990)
  • "All That Remains" (Relapse Records, 1992)
  • "Return to Desolation" (Relapse Records, 1993)
  • "Plutocracy / Phobia Split" (Misanthropic Records, 1994)
  • "Enslaved" (Slap-a-Ham Records, 1997)
  • "Means of Existence" (Slap-a-Ham Records, 1998)
  • "Corrupted / Phobia Split" (Rhetoric Records, 1999)
  • "Destroying the Masses" (Pessimiser/Theologian Records, 1999)
  • "Serenity Through Pain" (Deathvomit/Deep Six Records, 2001)
  • "Phobia/Resist & Exist Split" (Ohev/Profane Existence Records, 2002)
  • "Grind Your Fucking Head In" (Deep Six Records, 2003)
  • "Get Up & Kill" (Deep Six Records, 2004)
  • "My Friends - Our Grind!" (Bezerkerwear, 2004)
  • "Relapse Singles Series Compilation Vol.4" (Relapse Records, 2004)
  • "Another Four Years of Murder" (Crimes Against Humanity Records, 2006)
  • "Cruel" (Willowtip/Deepsix Records, 2006)
  • "22 Random Acts of Violence" (Willowtip/Deepix, 2008)
  • Phobia/Gadget - Split CD (Haunted Hotel Records,2010)
  • Phobia/Extinction Of Mankind - "Fearing The Dissolve Of Humanity" (Agipunk, 2010)
  • "Unrelenting" (Relapse, 2010)
  • Remnants of Filth (Willowtip, 2012)
  • "Grind Core" 7" (Deep Six Records 2014)


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