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Phoenix Corporate Tower
Phoenix Corporate Center - 2011-04-13- West.JPG
General information
Status Complete
Type Office
Location Phoenix, Arizona
Coordinates 33°28′57″N 112°04′24″W / 33.4826°N 112.0732°W / 33.4826; -112.0732Coordinates: 33°28′57″N 112°04′24″W / 33.4826°N 112.0732°W / 33.4826; -112.0732
Construction started 1963[1][2]
Opening January 3, 1965[3]
Cost $21,000,000[4]
Owner Colony Capital
Roof 341 ft (104 m)
Top floor 26
Technical details
Floor count 26
Floor area 445,811 sq ft (41,417 m2)[5]
Lifts/elevators 9
Design and construction
Architect Irvin Finical & Associates[2]
Developer Mayer Development Company
Main contractor TGK Construction Company

The Phoenix Corporate Tower (formerly known as First Federal Savings Building) is a 26-story high-rise office building in Phoenix, Arizona. It was built in 1965 and designed in the International Style. The tower was built two miles north of Downtown Phoenix in the Central Corridor. At that time corporate investment turned its attention away from downtown. When the tower was complete it was the tallest building in Phoenix taking that distinction away from the Meridian Bank Tower. It remained the tallest building for six years until the Wells Fargo Plaza was completed in 1971.


When Phoenix Corporate Center was originally built all north and south facing windows had balconies. There were seven columns stretching from the ground floor to the top where they formed a series of arches. Each column visually attached to its neighboring column. There was also a glass elevator on the western elevation, which served the top floor.

In 1990, San Francisco-based development firm The Krausz Companies, Inc. purchased what was then called "Prudential Plaza," and undertook an ambitious repositioning of the near-vacant office tower. Balconies were removed, and glass was reinstalled flush with the slab edge, substantially expanding the leasable interior space on each floor. Additionally, several vertical columns on the north and south facades were removed, giving the building a smoother more modern appearance. The skylift elevator is no longer functional.

On June 13, 2013, a Notice of Trustee Sale was recorded against the property, with the property scheduled to go to auction on September 18, 2013.[6]

The note on the property was purchased by Colony Capital in 2013. The building was in receivership with Trident Pacific Real Estate and Colony closed on the building towards the end of the year.Colony has made significant upgrades to the property, including: renovating the lobby, painting the exterior, and building a marketing center.[7]


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Preceded by
Meridian Bank Tower
Tallest Building in Phoenix
Succeeded by
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