Phoenix Hong Kong Channel

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Phoenix Hong Kong Channel
Phoenix HK.svg
Launched 28 March 2011
Owned by Phoenix Television
Country Hong Kong, China
Broadcast area Pearl River Delta: Hong Kong, Macau, Guangzhou, Shenzhen
AsiaSat 3S 3880Mhz-horizontal polarization-27.500Ms/s
Astro Channel 530 (HD)
TVB Network Vision (Hong Kong) Channel 89
Cable TV HK Channel 14
now TV Channel 367
HKBN bbTV Channel 507
Streaming media
Phoenix Hong Kong Channel
Traditional Chinese 鳳凰衛視香港台
Simplified Chinese 凤凰卫视香港台
Hanyu Pinyin Fènghuáng Wèishì Xiānggǎng Tái

Phoenix Hong Kong Channel is one of the six channels that Phoenix Television operates. It was launched on 28 March 2011 in order to serve Chinese viewers in Hong Kong, and it is Phoenix Television's first Yue Chinese-language channel that is available across Hong Kong.[1] This channel now broadcasts through cable television and satellite television systems. Some of its programmes still broadcasting in Mandarin Chinese.

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