Phoenix Rising (TV series)

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Phoenix Rising
TVB-Phoenix Rising.jpg
Genre Period Drama
Starring Louisa So
Sunny Chan
Kristal Tin
Leila Tong
Jack Wu
Opening theme "蘭花劫" by
Kelly Chen
Country of origin Hong Kong
Original language(s) Cantonese
No. of episodes 20
Producer(s) Terry Tong
Running time 45 minutes (approx.)
Original network TVB
Original release Warehoused
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Phoenix Rising (Traditional Chinese: 蘭花劫) is a TVB period drama series released overseas in July 2007 and aired on TVB Pay Vision Channel in March 2008. The drama was well received from the viewer in international broadcast. The show has been compared to 1989's hit drama, Looking Back In Anger.[1]

The Series was subsequently released on 2 January 2009 on Cambodia cable TV, PPCTV as the last country in showing it.


Crystal, Louisa, and Leila are sisters. Their parents died at birth, so the three of them were sent to orphanages and were later adopted into three different homes with different backgrounds. Louisa was sent to prison for killing her stepmother, but Crystal, wanting to save her sister, told officials that she was the one who committed the crime and went to prison instead. Leila is a very kind person and forges evidence to save Crystal but gets caught and gets sent to jail, too. The three sisters and the jail owner have some hostilities; thus, the jail owner wants revenge. This series uses women in jail as its storyline, describing the dark side of women in prison.


Cast Role Description
Louisa So Yim Pui-Woo/Yeung Choi Yiu
Kong Lai-Nga's younger sister.
So Fei's elder sister.
Cheung Chi-Hoi's ex-wife.
(Main Villain)
Sunny Chan Yin Leung
Kong Lai-Nga's boyfriend.
Kristal Tin Kong Lai-Nga/Yeung Choi Yue
Yim Pui-Woo and So Fei' s elder sister.
Yin Leung's girlfriend.
Leila Tong So Fei/Yeung Choi Lam
Kong Lai-Nga and Yim Pui-Woo's younger sister.
Ben Wong Cheung Chi-Hoi
Yim Pui-Woo's ex-husband.
Nancy Wu Yip Chi-Shan
Jack Wu Ma Hak
Prison Doctor
Yin Leung's younger cousin.


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