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King of Lan Xang
Reign 1428 - 1429
Coronation 1428
Predecessor Lan Kham Deng
Successor Yukhon
Born Muang Sua, Lan Xang
Died 1428
Muang Sua, Lan Xang
Issue Prince Kay Buna Ban
Regnal name
Samdach Brhat-Anya Chao Brahma-kumara Bhumadaraja
Dynasty Khun Lo
Father Lan Kham Deng
Mother Keo Poum Fa
Religion Therevada Buddhism

Phommathat was the fourth king of Lan Xang (Laos) (ruled 1428–1429). He was Lan Kham Deng's oldest son. He was king for only 10 months. He was assassinated by Nang Keo Phimpha. He was succeeded by Yukhon.[1]


  • Father: Lan Kham Deng - King of Lan Xang (r.1416-1428)
  • Mother: Queen Nang Kaeva Buma Fa (Keo Poum Fa)
  • Consorts and their Respective Issue:
  1. by unknown women
    1. Prince Kaya Bunabarna (Kay Bona Ban) - died in 1428 on the orders of his grandmother, Nang Keo Phimpha
Preceded by
Lan Kham Deng
King of Lan Xang
Succeeded by