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Other names Phandar, Phondar, Phondur
Classification Plucked
Hornbostel–Sachs classification
(Composite chordophone)
Related instruments
Valid Dagaev, Sakhab Mezhiev

The Phandar (Chechen: Пхıандар) is a stringed instrument from Chechnya in the Northern Caucasus.[1][2] The sound produced by the Phandar is similar to the violin[3] if played with a bow, but if played by hand, which is most usual, it makes a sound slightly similar to the Panduri, but it is easy to hear the difference between these two similar instruments.


It has a wooden elongated body, carved from one piece of wood, with a flat top and a curved lower deck, and is traditionally made of walnut wood.
The Phandar's frets were traditionally made up of rope, but today they can be made of plastic and steel just like the Guitar.[1]
The Phandar's dimensions are 750-900mm but can variate if it is made properly or not. The Pondar originally had 3 strings but now some modern ones have 6 strings, but there are still made Pondars with 3 strings.


  • Three-stringed Phondar: c-d–g'
  • Six-stringed Phondar: cc-dd-gg'

Related instruments[edit]

Related or similar instruments in other Caucasian countries:
Georgia - Panduri
Ossetia - Dala-Fandyr
Dagestan - Tamur-Pandur
Adygea - Apa-Pshina


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