Phone Call (album)

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Phone Call
Studio album by OmPuff
Released December 2007
Genre Kwaito, hip hop, hikwa
Label Mshasho Productions
Producer The Dogg (exec) Elvo, DJ Kboz, Morgan

Phone Call is the debut album by kwaito musician OmPuff, that was released by Mshasho Productions in December 2007. The album was executive produced by The Dogg. It features appearances by Sunny Boy, Tre VDK, Chipo, Richie, and The Dogg. The album is a combination of hardcore kwaito and classical hip hop.

Track listing[edit]

Track listing from EasyGet Namibia.[1]

# Title Featured guest(s) Producer(s)
1 "Phone Call" Fredro & DJ Kboz
2 "Taking Over" Sunny Boy, Richie & Chipolopolo Tsuutheni & Elvo
3 "Bailare" Tre Van Die Kasie & The Dogg The Dogg & Elvo
4 "Push n Pull" Sunny Boy & Fredro Tsuutheni & Elvo
5 "Wave" Elvo, Bu² & DJ Kboz
6 "Monalisa" Morgan (The Syndicate)
7 "I Need a Girl" Nasti Morgan (The Syndicate) & Elvo
8 "Tokolosh" The Dogg The Dogg,Bu² & Elvo
9 "Sweety" Bu² & Elvo
10 "Nyuku Nyuku" Morgan (The Syndicate)
11 "Au Puff n Pass" Morgan (The Syndicate) & Elvo