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Phoolka is a Jat Gotra found in Punjab (India) and Punjab (Pakistan).


The Phoolka Sardars trace their genealogy from the Raja of Jaisalmer Rawal Jaisal, Yadu Bhatti Rajput of Chandra Vanshi clan and are descendants of Lord Krishna, Avatar of Lord Vishnu.[1] The early progenitors of the Phoolka House were scions of the Princely Rajput family of Jaisalmer who left their desert homes around the time of Rai Pithora and established themselves around the country of Hisar, Sirsa and Bhatner.

Phool blessed by Guru Har Gobind & Guru Har Rai[edit]

Phool, a Sidhu Brar was the founder of this family.[2] Phool along with his brother Sandali became orphans in 1618 A.D.and both were taken under the wings of their Uncle Chaudhary Kala who founded Mehraj on the advice of the sixth Guru Hargobind . They both visited Guru Hargobind as youngsters, it is said that their uncle told them to rap their bellies to indicate to the Guru the poverty and hunger they were enduring. On being told his name was Phool which means flower, the Guru Hargobind said, “ The name shall be a True Omen, and he shall bear many blossoms ” The Guru blessed Phool and is said to have told him that he would make a King. The Guru Har Rai had blessed him thus: You feel’eth hunger now, worry no more...your house shall be a very big Charity House ....donating and feeding many…….the horses of you Armies shall graze in grasslands spanning the area between the Yamuna and Sutlej .[3]

Hukamnama of Guru Gobind Singh[edit]

The sons of Phool, Tilok Singh and Ram Singh were blessed with Khande da Pahul by Guru Gobind Singh himself at Damdama Sahib.[4] They were blessed with the Apaar kirpa of Guru Gobind Singh evidence of which can be seen in the Hukumnama sent by Guru Sahib in 1696.Guru Gobind Singh in a Hukamnama (royal edict) addressed to the two sons of Phool, Rama & Tiloka on 2 August, 1696 Samat 1653 Bikrami, called upon them for aid in his fight with the Hill Rajas proclaiming “ tera ghar mera asey ” meaning Your House is My Own bestowing special status on the HOUSE of PHOOL.[5][6] Its translation into English reads :

There is one God. The Guru is great. It is the order of the Guru. Bhai Rama and Bhai Tiloka, the Guru will protect all. You are required to come with your contingent. I am much pleased with you. Your house is my own. On seeing this letter you should come in my presence. Your house is my refuge. You should come to me immediately.On seeing this letter you should arrive with horsemen. tter you should arrive with horsemen. You must come. A Sirpau (robe of honour or Jorra) for you is being sent . Keep it with you. Bhadson 2 Samat 1653 Bikrami

This was the initiation of the Sikh Sirpau or Siropa, as it is popularly known. Bhai Tiloka and Bhai Rama had been the most ardent devotees of Guru Gobind Singh and had won Guru's favour by showing extraordinary valour in battles and were baptised by Guruji himself at Damdama Sahib.[citation needed]


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