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Phoronis hippocrepia 2 Wright, 1856.jpg
Phoronis hippocrepia
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Clade: Lophophorata
Phylum: Phoronida
Family: Phoronidae
Genus: Phoronis

Phoronis is one of the two genera of the horseshoe worm family (Phoronidae), in the phylum Phoronida. The body has two sections, each with its own coelom. There is a specialist feeding structure, the lophophore, which is an extension of the wall of the coelom and is surrounded by tentacles. The gut is U-shaped. The diagnostic feature that distinguishes this genus is the lack of epidermal invagination at the base of the lophophore. These worms are filter feeders.[2]

Its larva is an Actinotrocha.


Phronis architecta is no longer accepted and is considered to be a synonym of Phoronis psammophila. Similarly Phoronis vancouverensis is considered to be a synonym of Phoronis ijimai.[3]