Australian state and territory issued identity photo cards

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Australian Photo Card
ACT Proof of Identity Card.jpg
Sample - the front and back of an ACT Photo Identity Card
Issued by States and Territories of  Australia
Type of document Photo Card
Purpose Identification
Eligibility requirements Residents of States and Territories of Australia. Age restrictions may apply depending on state or territory - see article.

Australian state and territory issued identity photo cards (also known as Proof of Age Cards or by other names) are photo identification cards issued by the States and territories of Australia. While the drivers license is similar to the photo identity card, the photo identity card is treated separately here.


While each state and territory has differing rules and laws concerning the issue of these cards, they all have a number of common features. First they are issued by the government of the concerned state or territory to residents of that state or territory. Second, they are voluntary - there is no requirement to hold the card, there is a fee to obtain the card. Third they are issued by and are closely associated with the state or territorial government agency responsible for the issuing of drivers licences, and are often similar to, produced on the same plastic as, and maintained on the same systems as drivers licences. They universally show the photo of the individual, a signature, and their date of birth. They are all credit card sized. Finally, from 1 March 2017 all states and territories of Australia allow the issue of the card regardless of whether or not the holder has a drivers licence.

The following lists the different cards and the details.

State or territory Name of card Minimum age* Available to drivers Validity (years) Shows Sex Notes Ref Sample Image
ACT Proof of Identity Card 18 Yes No expiry Unknown [1]
NSW Photo card 16 Yes 5 No 10 year validity if over 21 [2]
NT Evidence of age card 18 Yes 5 No [3]
Queensland Adult proof of age card 18 Yes 10 Yes No Address [4]
SA Proof of age card 18 Yes No expiry Unknown Apply online if Driver [5]
Tasmania Personal Information Card No Minimum Yes 5 Unknown [6]
Victoria Proof of age card 18 Yes No Expiry Unknown [7]
WA Photo card 16 Yes 5 Unknown Available with or without address or both [8]
  • Minimum age of 18 - some states allow application 1 month early for a delivery/pick up on or after the holder's 18th birthday.

Future purpose[edit]

The photo card may become the de facto identity card once drivers licences become electronic,[9] especially as some states such as NSW are encouraging the issue of such cards along with drivers licences at a nominal fee.[10]

Document Verification Service[edit]

The Australian Attorney-General's Department provides a document verification service that allows for validation of some licences.[11]

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