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The Nickelodeon PhotoBlaster (Long Hall Technologies model N6800) is a compact toy camera which has the useful feature of being able to take 4 images onto a single 35mm frame of film, one shot at a time. The camera uses standard 35mm film, and has a built-in viewfinder and flash, and works by shooting with 2 fixed lenses.

The Nickelodeon PhotoBlaster was manufactured until 1999 by Long Hall Technologies of Farmingdale, NY, and was sold for approximately $40 retail.


Instead of 24 shots on a standard 24-exposure 35mm roll, the PhotoBlaster creates a tetraptych (a photo divided into four parts). In this way it can get 96 shots from a 24 exposure roll of film. Unlike the Lomo ActionSampler, which takes four exposures in one second, the PhotoBlaster allows each of the four exposures to be taken one at a time.

Photo quality is limited by the fixed lens. Its primary function is as a toy camera.

The camera itself was made in China. Long Hall Technologies stopped manufacturing the camera before the 1999 holidays. Subsequently the PhotoBlaster has become somewhat hard-to-find, as a kind of photography "collector's item."

An identical camera (with simply a different color scheme) was produced by GoPhoto Inc. in Congers, NY, between 2009 and 2012, and sold directly from the GoPhoto web site as the GoPhoto X-treme Pix Quad Shot Camera, at an original retail price of $17.95.

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