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A photofeed is a web feed that features image enclosures. They provide an easy, standard way to reference a list of images with title, date and description.

Photofeeds are RSS enclosures of image file formats, similar to podcasts (enclosures of audio file formats).

Feed format[edit]

A photofeed may be in the RSS 2.0 or Atom format.

Image format[edit]

Enclosed images may be in the JPEG, GIF or PNG formats.


A photofeed can contain:

  • all pictures in an online album
  • all images tagged with the keyword "sunset"
  • an wishlist
  • a list of houses for sale
  • a list of desktop backgrounds (used by a screensaver)

Photofeed aggregators[edit]

A photofeed aggregator is a piece of software that accepts subscribable RSS 2.0 syndication feeds and downloads or precaches higher resolution images (rather than thumbnails) for later viewing, such as when offline. There are not a tremendous number of photo aggregators yet. (please add)

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