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A photovoltaic keyboard is a wireless computer keyboard that charges its batteries from a light source such as the sun or interior lighting, addressing a major drawback of wireless computer peripherals that otherwise require regular replacement of discharged batteries.

Logitech K750[edit]

The Logitech K750 has a set of photovoltaic cells on the top edge, charges in sunlight or under a standard bulb, can work up to three months in total darkness, and includes software to display battery charging status. It is a fullsized keyboard, including the usual movement keys and NumPad section on the right side, with low-profile keys much like a laptop.[citation needed] There are two models, compatible with Windows or Macintosh operating systems.[1][2][3]

Even though the keyboard is not officially supported in Linux, a third party application named Solaar provides functionality akin to the original Logitech software, such as battery and connection status indications, and allows device pairing/unpairing.[4][5][6]

Logitech K760[edit]

Another Logitech keyboard, the K760, is also PV powered, is highly useful. It is smaller and communicates with the computer via Bluetooth.


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