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PhreakNIC is an annual hacker and technology convention held in Nashville, Tennessee. It is organized by the Nashville 2600 Organization and draws upon resources from SouthEastern 2600 (se2600). The Nashville Linux User Group was closely tied with PhreakNIC for the first 10 years, but is no longer an active participant in the planning. First held in 1997, PhreakNIC continues to be a long-time favorite among hackers, security experts and technology enthusiasts. PhreakNIC currently holds claim as the oldest regional hacker con and is one of the few hacker cons run by a 501(c)(3) tax-free charity. The conference attracts about 350 attendees.[1]

PhreakNIC consists of presentations on a variety of technical subjects, sometimes related to a conference theme. There is also a film room showing anime and technology-related videos from popular culture. The Nashville Linux Users Group held a Linux Installfest from PhreakNIC 3 through PhreakNIC X.

PhreakNIC is attended by hackers and other technology enthusiasts from across the United States, although, as a regional conference, most of its attendees come from a two-state radius around Tennessee, including groups from Missouri, Ohio, Washington, DC, Georgia, Kentucky, and Alabama.

As PhreakNIC has been held in downtown Nashville, near the Tennessee Titans stadium, the exact date for PhreakNIC was previously not announced each year until the NFL released its schedule in April. PhreakNIC is intentionally scheduled not to coincide with a Titans home game, to give conference organizers full reign over the venue. However, PhreakNIC is typically held around the time of Halloween.

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