Phú Lương (mountain)

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Phu Luong
Phu Luong is located in Vietnam
Phu Luong
Phu Luong
Highest point
Elevation2,985 m (9,793 ft) [1]
Prominence1,930 m (6,330 ft) [1]
Coordinates21°34′15″N 104°18′24″E / 21.57083°N 104.30667°E / 21.57083; 104.30667Coordinates: 21°34′15″N 104°18′24″E / 21.57083°N 104.30667°E / 21.57083; 104.30667[1]
LocationSơn La, Vietnam

Phu Luong is a mountain in Vietnam. It has an elevation of 2,985 metres (9,793 ft) above sea level. With a topographic prominence of 1,930 metres (6,332 ft) it is the fourth most prominent peak in Indochina (comprising Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia). Phu Luong is located within the Sơn La Province of Vietnam.[2]

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