Phu Phan National Park

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Phu Phan National Park
IUCN category II (national park)
Map showing the location of Phu Phan National Park
Map showing the location of Phu Phan National Park
Park location in Thailand
LocationSakon Nakhon and Kalasin provinces, Thailand
Nearest citySakon Nakhon
Coordinates17°3′45″N 103°58′22″E / 17.06250°N 103.97278°E / 17.06250; 103.97278Coordinates: 17°3′45″N 103°58′22″E / 17.06250°N 103.97278°E / 17.06250; 103.97278
Area664 km2 (256 sq mi)
Established13 November 1972
Governing bodyDepartment of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation

Phu Phan National Park (Thai: ภูพานอุทยานแห่งชาติ) is a national park in Sakon Nakhon and Kalasin provinces, Thailand. This isolated park covers a wide jungle area in the Phu Phan Mountains of Isan.


Phu Phan National Park is located 25 kilometres (16 mi) south west of Sakon Nakhon town and about 25 kilometres (16 mi) north of Kalasin. The park's area is 664 square kilometres (256 sq mi).[1]


In the past, the isolation of the park's location led to its use for cover by some military groups. During World War II, the Seri Thai resistance fighters used the Tham Seri Thai cave for weapons storage. And in the 1970s the People's Liberation Army of Thailand (PLAT) used the area as a hideout.[1]


Viewpoints in the park include the west-facing Nang Mern Cliff and the Lan Sao Aee plateau.[1]

The park has numerous waterfalls, including the multi-stage Kam Hom Waterfall, also Kreng Ka-arm and Pree-cha Suk-san waterfalls.[2]

Some of the park's unusual rock formations include the grilled-snake-shaped Khong Ping Ngu and the 8 metres (26 ft) long Tang Pee Parn natural stone bridge.[1]

Phra That Phu Pek

The park also contains the ruins of a Khmer temple, Phra That Phu Pek, accessed by ascending around 500 steps.[2]

Flora and fauna[edit]

The park's forest is tropical evergreen forest; the largest component is dry dipterocarp forest. Other forest tree types here are dry evergreen and mixed deciduous.[3]

Animal species include barking deer, monitor lizards and slow loris. Monkeys and elephants are also found in the park.[1]


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