Phu Wiang National Park

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Phu Wiang National Park
IUCN category II (national park)
PWNP Dinosaur Site 3.JPG
PWNP Dinosaur Site 3
Map showing the location of Phu Wiang National Park
Map showing the location of Phu Wiang National Park
Location within Thailand
Nearest cityKhon Kaen
Coordinates16°40′42″N 102°21′13″E / 16.67833°N 102.35361°E / 16.67833; 102.35361Coordinates: 16°40′42″N 102°21′13″E / 16.67833°N 102.35361°E / 16.67833; 102.35361
Area325 km²
First discovered dinosaur bone in PWNP in 1976.

Phu Wiang National Park (PWNP) is located in Phu Wiang District, Khon Kaen Province, northeastern Thailand. It is best known for its numerous dinosaur bone paleontological sites,[1] The park is one of the world's largest dinosaur graveyards.[2] In 1996, the remains of Siamotyrannus isanensis, a new family of carnivorous thunder lizards, were unearthed in the park.

The Phu Wiang Dinosaur Museum is situated within the park and displays many of the park's finds. The park, measuring 325 square kilometres (125 sq mi) in size, is located approximately 85 kilometres (53 mi) northwest of Khon Kaen. The area is characterized by a central plain and the low hills of the western Phu Phan Mountains.[2]


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