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Phularwan is located in Pakistan
Location in Pakistan
Coordinates: 32°11′18″N 73°01′43″E / 32.18833°N 73.02861°E / 32.18833; 73.02861Coordinates: 32°11′18″N 73°01′43″E / 32.18833°N 73.02861°E / 32.18833; 73.02861
Country Pakistan
Province Punjab
District Sargodha

Phularwan (Urdu: پهُلروان‎), is a city in the Punjab province of Pakistan. It is located in Bhalwal tehsil of Sargodha District. Longitude 32° 21' 20.52" N . Latitude, 73° 00' 44.67" E. It is the terminus of a branch of the North-Western railway. Phularwan was founded about in year 540 on its present site. city was designed by a Singh architect engineer who studied in Great Britain at that time about in the end of 17th century. He designed this city according to international standards, a wall around the city, markets with. 2 Nos. Mandars and 2 No. Mosques were initially present in the city. According to historical references (A Glossary of the tribes & castes of Punjab by H. a Rose page 286) and city elders, the city was given its name "Phularwan" due to a caln / tribe who migrated from central India and go through this city which was known as Chabbah and Mandi. A small village/town/mohalla named "Phularwani" is also near city where the migrated king "Phularo" rested with his people. When Pakistan came into existence a large number of people Rajput, s from Rohtak and karnal disst in india replaced Hindu population who migrated to India.The power of this region mainly rest in the hands of Rajputs, Rao Rana who have the dominant lands in the whole area and have business spread over the city they also have political and social influence over whole area.


Longitude 32° 21' 20.52" N . Latitude (32.3557), 73° 00' 44.67" E (73.012408) Phularwan is located on the Lahore-Islamabad motorway (M2) at the Salam interchange in Sargodha District.The town is connected to Sargodha Gujrat Road from two different places from Salam Chowk Via Bhera Phularwan Road, distance is apx.3 km and secondly from Chakian Phularwan via Phularwan Gujrat Road distance is 4 km. The town's importance increased due to the motorway passing near Phularwan. Phularwan is 50 km from the district capital Sargodha. Now it takes only two hours to reach Phularwan from Lahore, Islamabad, and Faisalabad. A famous depot of the Pakistan Army, Mona depot, is 12 km from Phularwan.

Trade and economy[edit]

Phularwan is famous for its Kinnoo production (a special kind of orange). It is an important center of trade, with manufacture of cotton goods, metal-work, carving, etc. A large amount of sugarcane is produced in this area. However, a large number of furniture makers are adding adding to commercial activity as the furniture market is the biggest after Sargodha city, in Sargodha district.

Paddy (Rice), Wheat, Cotton, Sesame are also produced significantly, All these crops are traded in local Grain Market. Town is also famous because of a big Grain Market is present before existence of Pakistan. Neighboring Villagers from about 20 km radius depends upon the market of Phularwan


The main problem in Phularwan is its sewerage system. A nalah passes through the city, and has polluted the whole city, However, in year 2011 a significant amount of finance is approved by Govt. for improvement of sewerage and water supply system, construction work is under progress in year 2012.

Nearby areas[edit]

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